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Technological greenery between secular traditions, new technologies and formal research

This essay by the architect Edoardo Bit analyses the current state of the art of technical greenery systems in Italy, namely all those design methodologies that provide an interaction between a building structure, technological apparatus and living flora. Whether it involves practices in the construction field known since ancient times (the famous hanging gardens of Babylon or the green pergolas used already in the Romanesque era), the largest technological implementation in recent years, together with an evolving legal framework, allow roof gardens and vertical greenery to no longer be considered a niche for a few these days, but rather systems that benefit both the individual building and also the open urban environment, and whose costs and relative industrial refining will finally allow it to be adopted on a large scale.   read more


Gregg Brodarick

Over the centuries, Italy has provided society with some of the most beautiful paintings, talented musicians and finest recipes. The Isplora project... read more

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