Be a Better Architect

Education does not end in school.

It’s something that can helps us giving a new shape to our ideas, making them better and stronger.
Staying updated is not just a slogan, it’s an effort we do put in every lesson, in every story we tell.
Each story follows a path and is focused on some keypoints we believe are necessary to shape our growth as architects.


Be a part of a team and build your own network.
Design needs engineering, needs finance…

The Brief

Listen to requests, but make your own mark


Choose a location wisely or make the best out of a given one.
Your building will be in connection with natural surroundings and other buildings.
Hadle these elements as add values to your creations.


They are a part of your project. They will live the space you’ll design.
Listen to them, handle doubts and guide them into your vision.


It’s the opportunity to create something beyond design itself.
Sustainability means future: learn how to be a part of it.


There are no “best materials ever”, only the perfect one for your project on that moment.
Learn how to choose the right one.