Questions & Answers

What is Isplora?

Isplora is an AIA CES Approved Provider which offers online lessons for members of the AIA (American Institute of Architects), as well as members of other professional bodies which accept AIA CES approved courses and independent architects.

Do all lessons give AIA approved CES credits?


If I’m not an AIA member, can I still complete Isplora's professional courses?

Yes, lessons are open to anyone interested in learning from architecture in Italy. Isplora’s courses allow you to obtain continuing education credits as members of the AIA or any other international professional associations which accept AIA approved CES courses.

Do I need to understand italian to follow the lesson?

No, all lessons are in English, except for the interviews of foreign language speaking consultants which are subtitled in English.

Does watching the lesson automatically guarantee you will receive the credit?

Once you have completed watching a video lesson, you will be requested to complete a short quiz and evaluation questionnaire. After you have passed the quiz, you can download the course completion certificate. Isplora will automatically communicate the credit/s for the completed lesson directly to the AIA for you.
Please note that you will need to self report any credits you want to apply to any other professional organisation that is not the AIA.

How can I inform AIA about the credit/s I achieve?

Our system sends a communication directly to AIA within 10 working days of obtaining the credit. It is still recommended that you download and keep a copy of the participation certificate.

Do I need to be registered to view the lessons?

Yes. Registration is free and entitles you to 20% discount on the purchase of a lesson.

Once a lesson is purchased, how long do I have to complete it?

Currently there are no limitations.

Can I get credits completing the same lesson more than once?

The system saves the credits you have completed in the past and notifies you before you purchase a lesson for a second time. The AIA allows you to obtain only one credit per course.

In addition to the videos, do you provide any other material?

Each course provides a PDF containing additional project information such as technical drawings, architect's sketches, photos of the construction site, etc.