As architects we learn from experience.
Challenges, doubts, achievements, mistakes. This is what we are made of, this is our story.
We learn from our own personal and professional life, and we try to improve day by day.
But what if we could learn through the experience of other architects? We could exploit our potential better, deeper, faster.
We ask the masters of contemporary architecture to reveal the stories behind their work, to describe their vision, their thoughts, difficulties and processes.

We explore how they conceived their ideas and solutions.
We analyze the most recent and significant projects of Italian Architecture, using words and images to convey information and content, trying to push through the emotions and motivations which guided their creators.
We believe that narration is the key in transmitting knowledge. The stories we enjoy will teach us new ways of thinking and will guide our future actions.

Learning through life, this is our method.

Why is our method effective?

  1. Learn from a story

    It’s the best way to deeply understand concepts and ideas, increasing our knowledge.
    It’s not about being informed, it’s about living the experience.

  2. Listen to the protagonists

    Nobody knows a project better than who designed it. That’s why want the architects to re-live the story behind the project, explaining doubts, choices and visions.

  3. Contextualize the project

    We can’t analyze the building without seeing the location, understanding its potential from a geographical and cultural point of view. Mindset, traditions and opportunities are dots we need to connect.

  4. Explore the grey area

    Learn from mistakes, from secondary paths that led to intuitions. Don’t forget that good ideas sometimes come from failures.

  5. Foster the vision

    Without a vision, it’s just buildings.