Our Vision

Never Stop Learning

The world is constantly changing, evolving in ways we cannot predict.
What we design today will relate to social and cultural changes, that will test our vision through time.
Architecture reflects cultural and social changes, but the greatest challenge is to anticipate future needs.
Art, culture and science at the same time. This is architecture.

As architects the main reason we need continuing education is continuing inspiration.
Never stop learning.

Our mission

Isplora's mission is to offer suggestions, knowledge and inspiration to architects from all over the world, while helping them do their jobs better.
Using videos reminiscent of movies, stories and eyewitness accounts by the protagonists of contemporary architecture, we want to share the uniqueness of Italian architectural masterpieces.

Knowledge can be an exciting adventure.

Isplora pushes us to explore the world around us, widening our horizons, and encouraging new ways of perceiving the world that we create.