Trailer Enzo Ferrari Museum

In 2004 the project by Future System won the international competition for the design of the museum.
The project comprises two separate spaces and interventions: the renovation of the house where Ferrari was born and the new building which recalls the design of racing cars. The shape and technologies used allow the new volume of the museum, with its sculptural yellow roof that matches the background color of the team logo, to become one with the existing structure.
The museum is the result of the futurist vision of Jan Kaplicky’s architecture, with his continuous experimentation and his ability to engineer complex structures. The technologies used in constructing the roof, the building structure, as well as the aesthetics and the creative concept behind the entire project, are taken directly from automotive engineering. The film is a good description of the project, for example the technologies and systems used for the double-curved facade and curtain wall.

Learning objectives

  • 1You will analyze the Italian debate on renovation and requalification interventions in protected areas/buildings, paying special attention to the conversion of Ferrari’s birth home into a museum and the dialogue with the new elements.
  • 2You will learn to analyze the composition and construction of the supporting structure of the project and identify the solutions adopted to balance the loads in relation to the particular shape of the building, you will also become familiar with the technological and technical details used in building the structure of the roof with declining arches.
  • 3You will learn about the natural cooling processes of the building, focusing on the efficiency of the air circulation system. You will also analyze the functioning of the curtain wall facades and the possibilities of shading.
  • 4You will be explained the designers’ choices and difficulties: from composition to planning the elements of design and outfitting so as to narrate the story and future of Ferrari.

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