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Teaser Frame over the Mediterranean

What is the Mediterranean? A thousand things together. Not a landscape, but countless landscapes. Not a sea, but a succession of seas. Not a civilization, but a series of civilizations stacked onto each other

– Fernand Braudel

A journey into the Mediterranean, stopping by Naples, a crossroads city, a place of culture and art, an atmosphere of light and water, the morphology of a territory and imagination. The proposal of Officine Architetti, a crossing between architecture and research, measurements and recompositions in the work of Marco Di Gennaro and Luigi Guidi. The search for harmony and balance.

The constant compositional and formal research of a studio capable of communicating with the territory: architecture and interior design as an experimentation of harmony. A vision that materializes itself in the composition, through conformations capable of framing the landscape, as a painting, as an escape route, as a "metaphor" for a permeable, careful and integrated architecture in the territory.

New proposals, new balances. The tension towards a double aim: on the one hand a deep and rooted bond with the context, on the other the idea of courageous and conscious contrast between old and new.


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