Milan Design Week 2019: our guide


A selection of the events of the Salone and Fuorisalone taking place from April 9 to 14 by Isplora’s editorial staff

For the days of the Milan Design Week we have decided to prepare a selection of events and projects you don’t want to miss among the many ones animating the week from April 9 to 14.

Isplora will also be at the Salone del Mobile and the Fuorisalone, bringing you the latest news and meeting the protagonists directly with articles, interviews and videos.

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile and the two Installations about Leonardo

Salone Internazionale del Mobile

Fiera Milano, Rho / April 9-14, 8.30 am – 7.00 pm

Let’s start from the Salone, now in its 58th edition, which we talked about a few weeks ago in our magazine (link article).

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile represents a stage which has always combined business and culture, making the history of design and furniture yesterday, today and tomorrow. A showcase for high-quality products divided into three style categories: Classic, which draws on the values of tradition, craftsmanship and skill in the art of making furniture and objects in a classic style; Design, products that speak of functionality, innovation and boast a great sense of style; Lux, section devoted to timeless luxury in a modern reinterpretation. A range of goods that combines quality and technology, shaped by the creativity of the leading sectoral companies, capable of developing their business by investing every year in innovative products and home furnishing solutions.

The many exhibitors and the thousands of products on display confirm the great value of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile as an international showcase for creativity and a forum for industry professionals, with more than 370,000 attendees on average from 188 different countries every year.

AQUA. Leonardo’s vision

Via San Marco / April 6 – 14, 10 am - 10 pm

“AQUA. Leonardo’s vision” is a site-specific immersive experience designed by Marco Balich. A real architectural insert, in the form of an expanse of water, will be created at the Conca dell’Incoronata, on the edge of which a huge LED screen will become a window onto a future Milan. Beneath this structure, inside the canal itself, there will be a Wunderkammer where visitors can experience all the beauty, energy and shape of water, in a totally self-contained environment which will envelop them in image and sound thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies.

DE-SIGNO.The culture of Italian design before and after Leonardo

Our guide to Fuorisalone's Events

On the same dates of the Salone del Mobile, Milan will also host the Fuorisalone, with over 1,200 events animating the design week in Milan. Here is our selection:

RoBOTL: the sustainability superhero

Timberland and the Giò Forma firm give life to RoBOTL: a majestic and imposing 6-meter high installation in Piazza XXV Aprile.

Timberland chose Giò Forma, the award-winning international firm made up of designers, architects and artists, led by Cristiana Picco, Florian Boje and Claudio Santucci, as an exceptional interpreter to thoroughly develop one of the key themes of the brand: sustainability, through a surprising interpretation in terms of design.

RoBOTL is the sustainability superhero, a symbol and warning that reminds us how important it is to safeguard the environment we live in. The work will be created after a careful and meticulous search of items, using a considerable amount of recycled plastic bottles and production waste from the design industry, with the purpose of changing polluting elements into something that has a meaning. RoBOTL thus becomes the official spokesperson to raise awareness and promote acting in a conscious and responsible way, starting from the city we live in. 

Icon Talks – Building together a sustainable fut

Fondazione Riccardo Catella / Via Gaetano De Castillia, 28

Edison takes part in the IconTalks to discuss topics connected to global cities, energy community, urban regeneration and open innovation with architects, designers and experts in the field.

Edison returns to the Milan Design Week to test the construction of a welcoming and advanced city, where energy is the means by which to enable new ways of contemporary living. On this occasion, Edison will take part in debates and public events with architects, urbanists and designers working together to identify the best practices in the fields of smart living, smart cities, electric mobility and the development of public and private spaces. 

Knoll celebrates Bauhaus

Knoll Showroom Piazza Bertarelli, 2 / April 8-14

The showroom in Piazza Bertarelli will house the exhibition “Knoll celebrates Bauhaus”, curated by OMA, a firm co-founded by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, with the collaboration of Domitilla Dardi, historian and design curator. Through the exhibition Knoll describes the steps of a journey that still today has powerful reverberations throughout our contemporary world.

The story is told by means of four environments/clusters that are used as a theater stage inviting spectators to participate, in the spirit of the German’s school most famous tenet, “Learning by Doing”. Entering the four areas, visitors can have a direct experience of the objects and furnishings that play lead roles, creating narrative scores which change according to the experience of each and every participant.

Tramway to the future

A tram that talks to its passengers about the future of design, from stop to stop. Progetto CMR and Wired Italia have organized a very special event from April 9 to 12: “Tramway to the Future – Design Moving Innovation” will take some lucky people around Milan for one hour, on board of a historical tram of the city network, to talk about innovation with experts and prestigious guests.

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, those who show up at Piazza Castello (on the corner with Via Beltrami) from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm will have the opportunity to take part in itinerant round-table discussions, dedicated to the future of design. Four events have been scheduled, on different topics, from smart buildings to Leonardo da Vinci’s role as first designer in history, from the phenomenon of digitally modified cities to urban utopias.

Design in the Age of Experience - Dassault Systèmes

Superstudio Più / Via Tortona, 27 / April 8-14

During "Design in the Age of Experience", Dassault Systèmes will gather an international group of designers and innovators to discuss some of the most urgent issues of our time under different aspects of our daily life: MATTER, HUMAN, SPACE, ART OF LIVING, SOCIAL PROGRESS.

The main piece of the Dassault Systèmes event will be "Interfaces", an immersive installation in collaboration with the famous architecture firm Morphosis.

Materials Village

Superstudio Più / Via Tortona, 27 / April 8-14, 10 am – 9 pm

Materials Village is the Material ConneXion® Italia hub that promotes businesses, products, innovative materials, new technologies and sustainability, through a path made of international-level events.

The format, now in its sixth edition, showcases houses and viewhouses of various sizes and types, like in a real village, each of them dedicated to a project connected to the world of materials and production processes. An innovative concept which allows companies from different sectors to meet in a single place and focus on a single topic: innovation and materials.

MateriAttiva - Iris Ceramica Group

On the corner of Via Eugenio Balzan and Via San Marco / April 8-14, 10 am – 9 pm

Iris Ceramica Group, a leading Italian maker of high-tech porcelain and ceramics, after the success obtained in Bologna in 2018 with the project “Pollution – RefleAction”, continues its collaboration with SOS - School of Sustainability and the firm Mario Cucinella Architects, exploring new sustainable scenarios for the safeguard of the environment.

Through the use of the universal archetype of the cave, a symbol of primordial purity, of water seen as a source of life and energy and of sound, MateriAttiva will offer the public an impressive multi-sensory experience in a space which evokes a new pact between human beings and nature; a journey to discover new frontiers in ceramics, no longer viewed as an inert substance for covering spaces, but an active architectural element, capable of improving the environmental quality of the space it is used in.

Style Set Free By Hyundai – in collaboration with Monocle

Ex Carrozzeria - Opificio31 / Via Tortona, 31/ April 9-14, 10 am – 9 pm

During the Milan Design Week 2019, Hyundai will present a new design concept for the car of the future, a sensory journey to create the car designed by your lifestyle. Style Set Free By Hyundai is the anticipation of a world where autonomous driving is a reality and personalization is no longer a luxury, but the absolute need to reflect the clients’ lifestyle.

This new design concept of car interiors will be highlighted in the installation by Hyundai created with Monocle at Opifico 31 in Via Tortona, Milan, where a sensory journey guided by colors, sounds, shapes ad materials is combined with the most innovative technologies.


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