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Windows are becoming increasingly important with a view to sustainability and energy saving. The solutions offered by AGC

The newly-released film by Isplora, “Retrofitting Milanese”, highlights some of the possible actions processes to adapt and refurbish existing buildings in order to enhance the environmental performances of the buildings and the quality of life inside them.

In fact, architecture projects are more and more oriented to sustainability and energy saving, and in this perspective door and window frames become the main element in the entire process, from the design stage to its execution

AGC operates in this context, with the goal to respond to new technological questions and promote a continuous improvement in the quality of the spaces where people live, by creating glass that is more and more innovative and efficient.

An important example is solar control glass, which can be reflective (pyrolytic) or selective (magnetronic), capable of optimizing and reducing the thermal load due to solar radiation, and low-emissivity glass that reduces irradiation exchange with the outside by means of a specific coating. 

Furthermore, AGC through its products not only meets the performance requirements requested, but also offers efficient solutions used in the most important architecture projects: from the “Bosco Verticale” in Milan to the auditorium “La Nuvola di Fuksas” in Rome, as well as tailored solutions for all designers. 

AGC mainly focuses its research and development activities on coated glass and laminated glass. As to coating, technologies are constantly evolving, also to satisfy the many requests for high-performance product. According to the method used to apply the coating, either “hard coating” or “soft coating”, it is possible to control solar reflection or absorption and the water repellence of a specific material. 


The needs expressed by designers in terms of performances of glass facades found an ideal interlocutor in AGC and in the opportunities offered by its Coating on Demand service, which allowed to personalize glass combining good results in solar control and selectivity with high transparency.

Coating consists in applying infinitesimal layers of metal and metal oxides on the surface of the glass, which influence the spectrophotometric and aesthetic characteristics of the final product.

Furthermore, AGC is focusing its research on increasingly integrated technologies, which study glass in its different applications, optimizing and also using knowledge in the chemical and electronic field. Great attention is given to glass combined with resins, which requires a greater durability and a greater quality in terms of absence of defects and impurities. 

AGC Products

As to products, they can be divided according to their application:

Facade glazing

Stopray reigns among selective glazing, the category including glass that controls the energy and solar heat allowed inside, while preventing loss of energy stored, maximizing the use of heating and air-conditioning. Appreciated for its neutrality, it allows to enjoy a high provision of natural light, while offering adequate protection from heat. 

Residential glazing

Iplus I-Top, Top 1.0 and Light, are greatly requested and appreciated to ensure high thermal insulation, high solar gain and high light transmission. Perfect for homes where the main purpose is to absorb optimal levels of light and solar energy, these neutral-looking, low-emissivity coatings allow to save energy and money, providing a comfortable living space. Furthermore, Iplus coatings have a durable surface that resists scratching and handling, making it easy to process for industrial applications.

Interior glazing

Matelux, Lacobel and Matelac, are AGC’s satin-finish glass and painted glass in the glossy and matte painted version, respectively. Matelux allows to reach a perfect balance between privacy and luminous transmittance, ideal for separating rooms in a light way, without altering their harmony. Lacobel and Matelac are painted with high-quality paint and are available in different colors, ranging from the more classic to the trendy ones.

Safety glass

Stratobel Strong, a stratified glass that incorporates a plastic film that is much more rigid than the PVB layers usually found in safety glass. Its more resistant composition actually ensures better mechanic properties. This special layer is also characterized by its unique, perfectly neutral aspect, which in no way modifies the color of the glass.

Technological glass

Such as Halio, provided with a smart tinting system that tints to darker shades to ensure privacy and an automatic or on-demand anti-glare protection, also by means of an App.


As to production, different types of glass are produced in Cuneo: from the exclusive Planibel Linea Azzurra, appreciated by the most prestigious companies in the field of home furnishings and design for refined creations, to selective products such as Planibel Light (residential market) and Stopray Smart (tertiary and continuous facades), up to processed products for interiors such as Matelac and Lacobel (matte and painted), Mirox (mirror) and, for safety and comfort, stratified glazing such as Stratobel and Stratophone.

The latest products in the range offered by AGC include anti-glare glass Clearsight and Planibel Clearlite. Clearsight is an extra-light float glass with a special anti-glare coating that contributes to reducing luminous glare to just 0.8%, significantly lower than traditional float glass. From the outside, the glass is highly transparent and does not reflect the surrounding environment. 

Planibel Clearlite, characterized by a reduced content in iron, is a low-thickness glass (from 3 to 6 mm) that offers the best luminous and energetic performances.

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