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Berkeley Hotel, Denver


The Berkeley Hotel is a boutique accommodation made up of 17 luxury hotel suites, 3,100 square feet of restaurant space, and a parking structurelocated in one of Denver’s most cher-ished and up-and-coming neighborhoods.

In an effort to create meaningful and connective space, multi-story wrapping porches are incorporated as a modern take on the buildings that line the streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter. Hotel patrons are drawn to the exterior by these porches promoting human interaction between the building inhabitants and people at the street level. 

A layered façade composed of unique brick screening and a concrete exoskeleton provides visual access to the streetscape and also allows for privacy when needed. The multifunctional brick screens also create circulation boundaries and provide shading of afternoon sunlight. 

The carefully selected natural building materials have a handmade quality and scale and convey a lasting sense of honesty and authenticity fitting in with the context of the neighborhood.

The hotel is located on a small-scale commercial main street of this primarily residential area. In recent years, the neighborhood has seen exponential growth with eclectic shops and restaurants popping up all along the maincorridor. 

The design team set the goal early to design the project in such a way that would embed hotel patrons into the vibe of the neighborhood, with the idea that the feeling of hospitality extends beyond the walls of the structure.


  • Source: Media Kit Meridian 105 Architecture
  • Photographer: AT Media


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