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MODES’ New Porto Cervo Store


For their first store in Porto Cervo, in the iconic setting of the Promenade du Port, the luxury fashion retailer joined forces with the architecture duo Judith Haase and Pierre Jorge Gonzalez of Gonzalez Haase AAS to create a unique space.

The store would reflect their shared interest in merging unique locations and visual arts in a space concept that offers an experience of its own. 

Playing with the island’s lively backdrop of colourful construction and lush vegetation, the two architects set out to recreate Nordic weather-like movements made up of neutral grey shapes and surfaces, covering all floors, walls, and ceilings, complete with curtains made of metallic fibre that add both movement and light reflection to the composition.

Likewise, uniform lighting suspended near the ceiling contradicts what would be expected in such a climate, calling to reference the cool light of Northern regions. In fact, the design of the 315 sqm in its whole is a reversal of the Sardinian port’s aesthetics. Cooler backdrops are laid as the foundation to allow bright accents, found throughout the space, to truly come to life. 

Across the three floors that make up the space, large display blocks, each unique in their shape and size, were crafted with a palette of one or two colours. Within the grey climate, their form and vibrant presence float much like the buoys at sea in the wide bay of Porto Cervo. Display surfaces for MODES’ iconic collection are custom made and treated with various metal finishes, such as galvanised, anodised, brushed or high polished for a neutral, unintrusive presentation. 

Given an almost Carte Blanche in design freedom, Gonzalez Haase AAS has managed to create an animated display for some of the world’s most sought-after fashion brands: “We designed an almost gallery-like space.” - Pierre Jorge Gonzalez “Every single furnishing piece within the shop was given a particular shape and a colour code that is recognisable from afar. Therefore, Modes store becomes a grey “shell” inside the village of Porto Cervo where the colourful “buoys” with their silver surfaces, which offer a second neutral background, are used to present the retailer’s exclusive garments.” 


  • Source: Media kit Gonzalez Haase AAS
  • Photographer: DSL Studio di Delfino Sisto Legnani ph: Melania Dalle Grave e Agnese Bedini


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