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ISPLORA, by means of cinematic-quality films, offers an innovative tool for continuing education based on the narration of the most important works of architecture. A direct experience of the building design and construction process, a journey into the recesses and complexities of some of the most important projects.

An innovative tool for continuing education

ISPLORA is an innovative tool for the continuing education and professional development of architects, which offers the possibility of receiving credits through the vision of engaging, immersive films and the participation to live-streamed events where you can interact with the architecture firms and the protagonists of the movies themselves.
ISPLORA is also a magazine, a place to find information useful for your profession, a look at the territory and innovation, a reference for all events connected to architecture.


There is always a story to know

The Narrative Learning method allows to identify completely with the buildings’ construction process, simply learning with a story and dealing directly with the design practice of the most interesting architecture firms.


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The lesson proposes a journey around the figure, thought and works of Franco Purini, one of the most relevant Italian and international architects. Through the architect's direct testimony, the narration goes through the different stages of training, research and construction of the Purini-Thermes studio, established in Rome by the architects Franco Purini and Laura Thermes. The lesson starts with the “Roman” life portrait of the architect, where the workers' extraction of his family and the city's neighborhoods are fundamental elements. We arrive then at the moment in which the architect becomes fully aware of the profession through a fascinated gaze on the project of the Tuscolano neighborhood, designed by Mario De Renzi and Saverio Muratori.

Arch. Franco Purini

Arch. Franco Purini

Franco Purini was born in 1941 in Isola del Liri. He studied architecture in Rome with Ludovico Quaroni and graduated in 1971. He was very close to the creative environment of artists such as Franco Libertucci, Achille Perilli and Lorenzo Taiuti. He was a pupil of Maurizio Sacripanti and collaborated with both Gino Pollini and Vittorio Gregotti. Architect and architectural theorist, he is a full professor of Architectural Composition at the Valle Giulia Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and has taught in Reggio Calabria, Ascoli Piceno, Milan, and Venice. In 1966 he founded the Studio Purini-Thermes with Laura Thermes. Together, they designed numerous projects including the architectures realized between Gibellina, Poggioreale, and Castelvetrano for the "Belice 80" workshop. They took part in both the Venice Biennale and the Milan Triennale: in 1980, he is one of the architects invited by Paolo Portoghesi to the Venice Biennale to participate in the installation "Strada Novissima" which will become a manifesto of post-modern architecture. His work is the subject of numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad; it echoes rationalism and classical tradition, evoking Sacripanti, Piranesi and metaphysical images. Alongside design, he has always researched the relationship between architecture and representation. Indeed, his drawings are preserved in public and private collections.

The lesson proposes a journey around the figure, thought and works of Franco Purini, one of the most relevant Italian and international architects.

In the lesson starring architect Carlo Ratti emerges an idea of architecture that moves from the "will to start from the present to try to change it".

The lesson highlights, through the overview of the Schiattarella Associati studio, some relevant themes of the design and organizational work.

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