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ISPLORA, by means of cinematic-quality films, offers an innovative tool for continuing education based on the narration of the most important works of architecture. A direct experience of the building design and construction process, a journey into the recesses and complexities of some of the most important projects.

An innovative tool for continuing education

ISPLORA is an innovative tool for the continuing education and professional development of architects, which offers the possibility of receiving credits through the vision of engaging, immersive films and the participation to live-streamed events where you can interact with the architecture firms and the protagonists of the movies themselves.
ISPLORA is also a magazine, a place to find information useful for your profession, a look at the territory and innovation, a reference for all events connected to architecture.


There is always a story to know

The Narrative Learning method allows to identify completely with the buildings’ construction process, simply learning with a story and dealing directly with the design practice of the most interesting architecture firms.


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Damilanostudio Architects, founded in Cuneo in 1990 by architect Duilio Damilano, retraces forms of living by interpreting, through the project, a way of life attentive to the landscape, a poetic fragment between earth and sky. Living takes shape around the needs of the client, tailored with sartorial care to the requirements of those who will live it. In the dialectic between architect and client, the project raises itself to a human scale, sculpted like an articulated volume with horizontal proportions. Having studied in Turin with Roberto Gabetti, architect Damilano bases his practice on the respect for the place, influenced by the principles of vernacular architecture, not in terms of form, but rather in the approach to the choice and use of materials. An interpretation of the genius loci intended in its material declination, starting from local resources, working on the different levels of the ground, shaping the morphology of the landscape between boldness and delicacy. A search for the essence of the place through local roots and oriental inspirations, as in the case of Villa IE.

Damilanostudio Architects

Damilanostudio Architects

Architect Duilio Damilano was born in Cuneo in 1961. He focuses his interest on the development of the architectural and plastic aspects of architecture with a link to materials, inspired by his father and brother, both sculptors. In 1990 he opened his own firm, continuing his research through national and international architecture projects. DAMILANOSTUDIO ARCHITECTS is an interdisciplinary firm that operates mainly in the field of architecture and design through continuous research, carried out with sensitivity to the project, contemporary culture and urban and natural aspects.

Architect Duilio Damilano retraces forms of living by interpreting, through the project, a way of life attentive to the landscape.

Slow architecture as an objective, a design trajectory and a framework for a progressive architecture.

An Isplora selection focused on the Italian experience in F&B design through Quarta & Armando projects. From art to design to food.

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