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ISPLORA, by means of cinematic-quality films, offers an innovative tool for continuing education based on the narration of the most important works of architecture. A direct experience of the building design and construction process, a journey into the recesses and complexities of some of the most important projects.

An innovative tool for continuing education

ISPLORA is an innovative tool for the continuing education and professional development of architects, which offers the possibility of receiving credits through the vision of engaging, immersive films and the participation to live-streamed events where you can interact with the architecture firms and the protagonists of the movies themselves.
ISPLORA is also a magazine, a place to find information useful for your profession, a look at the territory and innovation, a reference for all events connected to architecture.


There is always a story to know

The Narrative Learning method allows to identify completely with the buildings’ construction process, simply learning with a story and dealing directly with the design practice of the most interesting architecture firms.


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The lesson describes the design and research activity of Metrogramma through the words of the architect and founder Andrea Boschetti. The lesson starts with a biographical account of Andrea Boschetti. First, it oversees his studies at the IUAV University of Venice with masters such as Bernardo Secchi, Gino Valle, Manfredo Tafuri or Massimo Cacciari.

Phd. Arch. Andrea Boschetti

Phd. Arch. Andrea Boschetti

Architect and city expert, Andrea Boschetti is a Ph.D. in urban studies at the IUAV the Institute of Architecture in Venice. After the prestigious collaborations with OMA Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam and Studio Bernardo Secchi in Milan, in 2000 he founded Metrogramma, a cutting-edge architecture firm that is now known all over the world. Today, the firm has a main headquarter in Milan and operating offices in London, Moscow, Dubai, and NYC, with more than forty collaborators and consultants. Within a multidisciplinary approach, the film is currently in charge of the development of prestigious architectural and urban projects in Italy and abroad. Since the early stage of his career, Andrea Boschetti's passion for the complexity of cities has allowed his works to boast numerous prizes and awards and, at the same time, to stimulate the international artistic debate.

The lesson describes the design and research activity of Metrogramma through the words of the architect and founder Andrea Boschetti.

The lesson pivots around the biography of the architect Cherubino Gambardella, born in 1962 in Naples.

The lesson deals with the design themes proposed by the Piuarch architectural studio, founded in Milan in 1996.

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