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Films on architecture for continuing education

Unique in the field of professional training for Architects, Isplora differs from traditional online courses by offering courses that provide AIA CES Credits, through the viewing of documentary films on architecture.
Educational, engaging and of the highest cinematographic-quality, our films are complete monographs on the projects of the best known and important contemporary architecture names on the scene, condensed into 1-hour videos.
Isplora’s mission is to make continuing education for architects interesting and high level with a captivating narrative.
Enjoying our courses will be as fun as following a series on Netflix!
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A feature film focusing on the complexity of light and its many forms, recounting an expressive language that gives substance to the ephemeral in the pursuit of continuous inspiration: tension toward a process of knowledge and evolution.

A narration about

A narration about

Point, Line, Surface opens the doors to elements, gestures, and compositional choices of design and architecture, narrated by professionals such as Mario De Rosa - designer and owner of Vesoi - and architects Francesca Maione and Andrea Piccolo.

Francesca Maione Architetto

Francesca Maione Architetto

Francesca Maione Architect is located in the heart of Naples. The studio was born from the desire to integrate complement analysis into architectural design. Francesca Maione's goal is to give a unique and personal character to living spaces. Spanning various areas of architecture and blending functional design with the aesthetics of luxury, the "haute couture" of space comes to life.

arch. Andrea Piccolo - Studio MAAN

arch. Andrea Piccolo - Studio MAAN

Andrea Piccolo graduated in Architecture in 2011 at Seconda Università di Napoli, with a thesis in architectural technology titled: "Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings: The Case Study of the Municipality of Monte Procida, Energy and Architectural Redevelopment Interventions." He specializes in residential construction, interior design, and tourism-receptive architecture. He has collaborated with various professionals in the Campania region and currently works with architect Maura Caturano from the MAAN Studio in Naples.

Mario De Rosa

Mario De Rosa

Born in Naples in 1956, he came into contact with machines, men and materials from an early age in the family glass company: and just like that, a dream starts! Observer of the world, of beauty and of everything that surrounds us, he believes in his work and even more in his personal relationship, always placed at the center of his transversal thinking of entrepreneurial vision. Mario De Rosa now lives between Naples and Milan, cities that are differently stimulating and formative. He creates his products in the production district of north-eastern Italy, and that's where his ideas take shape; he collaborates with planners and designers, holds lighting engineering courses in collaboration with the S.U.N University of Naples and the Technological Pole of Monterrey (Mexico); he proudly coordinates the technical and graphic department within the company. Since 1998 he has been a member of Assoluce FLA and since 2014 he sits on the Board of Directors.



Vesoi is today one of the most significant and expressive industrial realities of Italian lighting design, thanks to continuous and constant research and innovation that interprets today's styles and trends. The stylistic code is aimed at best interpreting the needs of contemporary living, between freedom of interpretation and "open projects" that adapt to all spaces, in total respect for the environment. In Vesoi's business philosophy, social responsibility is a fundamental concept, which is mixed with the choice and the desire to enhance the relationship with the territory in which it was born and where it promotes the culture of work as a social value. Founded in 1981 by Mario De Rosa, Vesoi has its main production site in the industrial area of ​​North Naples and an appendix in the north-east (Scorzè - VE), a strategic unit in the largest furniture production district: north and south are integrated by adding production opportunities and uniqueness. Vesoi… 40 years young!

A docufilm through the complexity of light with Vesoi, Studio Maan and Francesca Maione Architetto.

Ambientevario firm is read through four layers: city, material, structure, perception.

The design choices of 967arch in balance between function and emotion.

A building-manifesto capable of combining natural, human and technological components.

Bioecological architecture becomes the manifesto of a process of attentive listening to the place it is set in, welcoming its chromatic nuances and changes over time, season after season. The work of Studio Ecoarch.

Several case studies from the work of Settanta7 and C&P Architetti that testify to the evolution of spaces for collective use, through different scenarios and design methodologies.

This is the question: is it architecture that frames the landscape or the landscape that frames architecture?

A training course that perfectly sums up the varied and contemporary design approach to architecture of BTArchitetti, in Aversa, and Puccio Collodoro Architetti in Sicily.

The lesson moves through contemporary design and its relationship with the history of places, from the Ligurian Alps to the urban fabric of Palermo.

Suspension, dialogue, engagement and concreteness. Four themes and four projects to tell the reality of ACA Architettura, exploring architectures built in different Sicilian territorial and urban contexts.

An exploratory path capable of investigating the opening and closing devices of space, three-dimensional catalysts of movements.

The story of a contemporary dimension of living, of harmony of landscapes, on a human scale.

An itinerary of design and continuous research starting from the province of Ravenna.

An analysis of the existing design landscape and a tribute to the new pioneers of architecture, some of the most significant Under40 studios in Italy.

A path at different scales, from urban reality to the detail of new technological solutions.

An architecture which becomes one with both the vineyard landscape of the Chianti hills and its wine production.

Windows, doors and windows, sliding doors, curtain walls, large windows: the scenic backdrops of the project.

A narrative journey through the practice of Mijic Architects, an international studio based in Rimini, Darmstadt and Belgrade

Mauro Olivieri as a free designer, as a critical and visionary "design worker". The narration of a synthetic project.

The lesson explores the design process through the key concepts that guide the integrated methodology of Progetto CMR.

Picco Architetti bases its practice on contextual architecture, capable of reading and rewriting the place it belongs to.

Transparency, permeability, flexibility, openness, human beings. These are the leitmotifs of GBPA Architects.

Shape and light, shaping light, in a balance between kinetics and sculpture, motion and stasis.

An architecture attentive to memory and aimed at the regeneration and recovery of Rome and its history.

Place, matter, memory as themes of a path that winds through the re-invention of rural architecture.

Two stories, two levels that move in parallel: from detail to the city, from flows to living.

Mediterranean style as a way of approaching the project, a relationship with its elements: materials and shapes, history and landscape.

Thinking with your hands, the architectural project that moves and develops through complexity, territories and matter.

One House as the reading and interpretation of a unique place, in balance between geometry and proportions, interior and exterior, matter and light.

A journey through architecture, design and scenography, where matter plays with light: this is Maurizio Lai’s journey.

Lorenzo Guzzini explores and experiences space, investigating form, light and time through the tensions between the elements.

Re-Habitare, re-inhabiting the planet, as a process of research and change, a modus operandi and a transversal approach to the project.

Passive architecture as an operational proposal to take care of the territory and hypothesize a sustainable future.

Slow architecture as an objective, a design trajectory and a framework for a progressive architecture.

The video conveys 4 examples where architects opened the doors of their houses to create a direct dialogue between designers and visitors.

The masterclass discusses the design vision of the architect Pietro Carlo Pellegrini through the practice of “building on the built”.

An Isplora selection focused on the Italian experience in F&B design through Quarta & Armando projects. From art to design to food.

Architect Duilio Damilano retraces forms of living by interpreting, through the project, a way of life attentive to the landscape.

The lesson proposes a journey around the figure, thought and works of Franco Purini, one of the most relevant Italian and international architects.

The integrated project as a modus operandi in the development of complex programs and works. An itinerary between different disciplines and skills.

Piero Lissoni's ArchiTALKS: from general issues to details, individual action and dialogue, proportions and mistakes, design and architecture projects.

LDA.iMdA traces a new proposal of "architecture for fragile contexts" where the project becomes an instrument of dialogue with the territory.

Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia’s project involves the redevelopment and expansion of a building that has represented one of the entrances to Milan.

The building designed for Salewa is a synonym for iconic architecture, while being sustainable at the same time.

The story of the Atelier (s) Alfonso Femia (AF517) develops through the words of its founder, Alfonso Femia, who traces the itinerary of the studio.

Site specific architecture as a way of designing, starting from a place, dialoguing and working on it and interlacing existing relationships.

The lesson highlights, through the overview of the Schiattarella Associati studio, some relevant themes of the design and organizational work.

In the lesson starring architect Carlo Ratti emerges an idea of architecture that moves from the "will to start from the present to try to change it".

The thread of this lesson, and of the activity of the Studio LAND, can be summarized with "design with nature".

The lesson pivots around the biography of the architect Cherubino Gambardella, born in 1962 in Naples.

The lesson deals with the design themes proposed by the Piuarch architectural studio, founded in Milan in 1996.

The masterclass recounts the architects Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto, founding members of the Milanese study Migliore + Servetto Architects.

The lesson describes the design and research activity of Metrogramma through the words of the architect and founder Andrea Boschetti.

The lesson develops through the biography of Massimo Alvisi and Junko Kirimoto, two different and at the same time complementary paths.

ArchiTALKS with Renato Rizzi: a masterclass about the idea of the architectural profession as a "laboratory".

NOI Techpark rises in Bolzano, located in the former Alumix area, evidence of the industrial archeology of the 1930s.

The film illustrates two projects by the studio Park Associati: La Serenissima and Engie HQ.

Enzo Ferrari’s birthplace in Modena and Jan Kaplicky’s futurist vision.

The lesson deals with the long design, theoretical and experimental activity of the architect and designer Andrea Branzi.

The lesson highlights the figure of the architect and designer Italo Rota, showing his training and references.

The lesson by Arch. Stefano Pujatti develops the themes of the design practice with an insight on the aspirations and the method.

Ciclostile Architecture, a firm that has its roots in the relationship between existing and new.

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A narration that shows how change the way of “living in the city”.

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The architectural firm 2MIX Architetti tells its story between heterogeneity and multidisciplinarity.

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