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ISPLORA is an innovative tool for the continuing education and professional development of architects, which offers the possibility of receiving credits through the vision of engaging, immersive films. These allow you to immerse yourself in the most important architecture projects through cinematic-quality videos.

The hidden aspects of the design process will emerge, along with the difficulties, the choices made by the designers, the exchanges between the actors who played a role during the execution of the project, the relationships with clients, the requests and objectives set.
The films, which last about an hour, offer a direct experience of the design and construction process of the buildings, following the different work phases, listening to the protagonists’ voice and delving into the process. Through the method of Narrative Learning and thanks to exciting shots and three-dimensional renderings, the course will highlight the context of the project, its different components, the functional and technological solutions chosen. A narration which will finally make continuing education pleasant and stimulating and will allow to attain professional training credits, which will be given after successfully completing the quiz at the end of the film.

The lesson deals with the long design, theoretical and experimental activity of the architect and designer Andrea Branzi. A very diversified professional activity where the project aims at connecting different territories, starting from multiple stories and origins. An independent vision, that of Andrea Branzi, which starts from childhood and from both a family and geographical context: Florence. This city, located on the Arno river, is a very fertile human territory for the architect’s education, on the one hand for the influences and references, on the other for the creative and political experiences.

Arch. Andrea Branzi

Arch. Andrea Branzi

Andrea Branzi, architect and designer, was born in Florence in 1938, where he graduated in 1966. He now lives and works in Milan since 1973. From 1964 to 1974, he was a member of Archizoom Associati, the first internationally known avant-garde group, whose projects are now preserved at the Study Center and Archives of Communication at the University of Parma. His dissertation and several projects are kept at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. In 2018, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts awarded him the Rolf Schock Prize of Visual Arts. Co-founder of Domus Academy, the first international graduate school of design, he is also the author of several publications on the history and theory of design, and curator of numerous disciplinary exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 1994, he received the Compasso d’Oro for his career.

The lesson deals with the long design, theoretical and experimental activity of the architect and designer Andrea Branzi.

The lesson highlights the figure of the architect and designer Italo Rota, showing his training and references.

The masterclass discusses the design vision of the architect Pietro Carlo Pellegrini through the practice of “building on the built”.

The lesson develops through the biography of Massimo Alvisi and Junko Kirimoto, two different and at the same time complementary paths.

The lesson describes the design and research activity of Metrogramma through the words of the architect and founder Andrea Boschetti.

The lesson pivots around the biography of the architect Cherubino Gambardella, born in 1962 in Naples.

The lesson deals with the design themes proposed by the Piuarch architectural studio, founded in Milan in 1996.

The lesson by Arch. Stefano Pujatti develops the themes of the design practice with an insight on the aspirations and the method.

The thread of this lesson, and of the activity of the Studio LAND, can be summarized with "design with nature".

ArchiTALKS with Renato Rizzi: a masterclass about the idea of the architectural profession as a "laboratory".

The video conveys 4 examples where architects opened the doors of their houses to create a direct dialogue between designers and visitors.

The film illustrates two projects by the studio Park Associati: La Serenissima and Engie HQ.

NOI Techpark rises in Bolzano, located in the former Alumix area, evidence of the industrial archeology of the 1930s.

The building designed for Salewa is a synonym for iconic architecture, while being sustainable at the same time.

Enzo Ferrari’s birthplace in Modena and Jan Kaplicky’s futurist vision.

An architecture which becomes one with both the vineyard landscape of the Chianti hills and its wine production.

The masterclass recounts the architects Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto, founding members of the Milanese study Migliore + Servetto Architects.

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In the lesson starring architect Carlo Ratti emerges an idea of architecture that moves from the "will to start from the present to try to change it".

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