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Trailer Re-Habitare

Not eligible for AIA CES Credits

Re-Habitare, re-inhabiting the planet, as a process of research and change, a modus operandi and a transversal approach to the project, working on the relationship between man and nature, in understanding and reinterpreting the landscape at different scales, transcending the boundaries of architecture in the strict sense and intending it as a cure.

The itinerary proposed by the firm Archquadro puts in tension a broad and complex reflection on our land and the ecosystem. An architecture that moves with care and awareness in the underlying space between man and nature, attentive to its impact, meaning and role in the territory. 

Also, a sensitive architecture aimed at treating urban amnesias in everyday contexts. A design synthesis whose field of application are resilient lands, abandoned places, through the protection and enhancement of biodiversity.

Time and biodiversity as essential elements, contrasting intensive production and reconsidering design parameters at different scales. Technology as the necessary tool to accompany and structure the project, both in the analysis and construction phase. 

Attention to matter, material and its life span, for a more aware use. The observation and identification of "genetically modified" architecture, for in-depth research on the nanotechnology of materials and their duration over time.

A journey that starts from places and memory to suggest recovery and re-naturalization, critical and weighed interventions, evolutionary projects and crossing architecture.

Experimentation and innovation: the use of new tools such as virtual and augmented reality, BIM and holography, grafting as an architectural practice, listening to different needs and rethinking the future.

Respect for and understanding of the place, pursuing an architectural quality to be reintroduced into the dimension of everyday life. Care and attention to the observation of social phenomena, actions and human dimensions, for an architecture capable of inserting itself and re-inhabiting the territory.

Educational objectives

  • The central theme of Archquadro’s work will be known and explored: attention to biodiversity and the environmental impact of architecture, a design concept and modus operandi based on the relationship between space, man and nature
  • You will be able to discover the tools and issues of the firm’s professional practice and research: technology and innovation, matter and experimentation, integrating virtual reality, BIM and holography into architectural practice. All this through case studies of projects that become the "practical" counterpoint to measure theory;
  • The firm's projects for the regeneration of waste and abandoned places will be discovered and analyzed. The technical and compositional aspects, the choices and challenges posed by the individual works will emerge, within a cognitive and interpretative framework
  • The fundamental themes linked to a design that is sensitive to the needs of the territory will be highlighted, from issues related to innovation to those of the landscape, in order to trace a possible wide-ranging and strategic work perspective based on the idea of ​​"caring" for places that identifies the essential elements for the future of professional practice


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