Il metodo di Isplora: formazione attraverso la narrazione

Narrative Learning

"As easy as listening to a story"

ISPLORA offers an innovative tool for continuing education based on the narration of the most important works of architecture. A direct experience of the building design and construction process, a journey into the recesses and complexities of some of the most important projects.

The Narrative Learning method allows to identify completely with the buildings’ construction process, simply learning with a story and dealing directly with the design practice of the most interesting architecture firms.

The advantages of the Narrative Learning method are:

  • 1

    An immersive experience

    Through cinematic-quality films which show the entire concept and construction process of the most important works of architecture

  • 2

    Simple like listening to a story

    The exciting and engaging narration of architecture

  • 3

    Identifying with the project

    Taking part directly in all its phases, fully understanding the functional and morphological components of design practice

  • 4

    Dialogue with the protagonists

    Listening to the protagonists’ voice, understanding the choices, constraints and difficulties

  • 5

    A simple and innovative way of learning

    Learning directly from the architects’ experience and the design processes


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