La mission di Isplora: formazione per architetti attraverso film


A journey into and around architecture

As architects, the main reason we need constant continuing education is constant inspiration.
We will never stop learning.

The portal for professional development

ISPLORA is the online e-learning platform for professional development, approved by the Italian National Council of Architects (CNAPPC) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

ISPLORA offers cinematic-quality films about an hour long, which allow you to immerse yourself in the design and construction process of the buildings, and live-streams where you can interact with the architecture firms and the protagonists of the movies themselves.

ISPLORA is also a magazine, a place to find information useful for your profession, a look at the territory and innovation, a reference for all events connected to architecture.

Our Vision

ISPLORA is an exploration of the world of architecture, a journey in time and space through the stories of great contemporary projects. High-quality films which aim at revealing the behind-the-scenes work of the most important architecture firms, providing new interpretation keys and tools for everyday professional practice.

About us

ISPLORA is a heterogeneous working group where architects, graphic designers and communication and video experts work hand in hand, in the belief that the narration of architecture through the eyes and words of architects can pass on experience and knowledge.


The community

To stay in touch with us and be always updated on projects, materials and design also through our social channels.

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