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Integrated design as an idea of building within a process that holds together different phases, performances, disciplines and skills.

What emerges from the ArchiTALKS of the firm Binini Partners is a continuous dialogue and intersection of themes and contributions, work and research between architecture and engineering, infrastructure and regeneration of the heritage, restoration and landscape, living and technology, water and land.

Concrete answers to the needs of the territory and the communities where the firm operates through complex and articulated programs and proposals, addressing fundamental issues such as environmental protection, taking care of the territory and the topic of health, with the design of healthcare facilities.

A modus operandi that takes shape through the organization of the Reggio Emilia firm, the skills and professional competence expressed, the working method and tools used, listening to and interpreting the places and requests that emerge from them. A process based on exchange and growth, reassembling elements and integrating the different compositional and technological aspects of design. An example is the project of hospitals and research laboratories, such as the healthcare and innovation facilities CORE and MIRE in Reggio Emilia or the Galeazzi Hospital in Milan and the Women and Children’s Hospital in Florence, up to the Tecnopolo and Food Lab in Parma.

What is highlighted in Binini Partners' ArchiTALKS is the responsibility of the designer as to issues concerning the community and the environment, like in the works for the implementation of safety measures and enhancement of the territory related to navigation: the Port of San Teodoro, the Po waterway system and the many hydraulic infrastructure projects.

The landscape as an interaction between man and nature, integrated design as an operational and reflective method, starting from a different, broad and complex idea of culture, managing complexity and connecting people and infrastructures, inland areas and the sea, banks and rivers.

The heritage as a space for reflection on the city and history, on living and restoration, as in the case of the Via Lamarmora project in Milan or in the consolidation and regeneration of the hamlet and Castle in Rossena.

A narration that focuses on tomorrow and the prospects of the project, on communication and innovation, on the synthesis and integration of skills and solutions: beauty and humanization, plans for the future.

Educational objectives

  • The central theme of the work carried out by Binini Partners, the firm founded by Eng. Tiziano Binini, will be investigated, i.e. "integrated design", a modus operandi in the development of complex programs and works
  • You will discover the organization, method, tools and issues of Binini Partners' professional and research practice, the synthesis and integration of different disciplines and skills, compositional and technological aspects
  • The themes that characterize the firm will be discovered and analyzed through its projects: environmental protection and healthcare spaces, hydraulic and sanitary infrastructures, hospitals and waterway systems, ports and roads
  • The issues of the landscape and heritage will be highlighted through regeneration and restoration operations, reflecting on methods and strategies, history and innovation


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