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Trailer Horizons of living

Not eligible for AIA CES Credits

Damilanostudio Architects, founded in Cuneo in 1990 by architect Duilio Damilano, retraces forms of living by interpreting, through the project, a way of life attentive to the landscape, a poetic fragment between earth and sky. 

Living takes shape around the needs of the client, tailored with sartorial care to the requirements of those who will live it. In the dialectic between architect and client, the project raises itself to a human scale, sculpted like an articulated volume with horizontal proportions. 

Having studied in Turin with Roberto Gabetti, architect Damilano bases his practice on the respect for the place, influenced by the principles of vernacular architecture, not in terms of form, but rather in the approach to the choice and use of materials. An interpretation of the genius loci intended in its material declination, starting from local resources, working on the different levels of the ground, shaping the morphology of the landscape between boldness and delicacy. A search for the essence of the place through local roots and oriental inspirations, as in the case of Villa IE

By weighing and interweaving its skills with heterogeneous figures, such as landscape designers and light designers, the firm challenges itself on different scales and themes. The approach to the various projects is organized through the idea of ​​a "domestic perception" of the rooms, not only within the limits of living as in Villa GEEF, but also in the project for the directional area of ​​Oficine Vidre Negre or in the workspaces for Barra&Barra

This is why a refined selection of finishes is essential. Living materials, surfaces that change over time, aging wood, mosses covering stone, iridescent metals, in an ever-changing dimension of the visual perception of spaces as if to suggest their life, the physical passage of time in placesBetween spaces and icons, interior design welcomes different elements of design and art, in a dualism between recognizable products - iconic beyond time - which "destabilize" the visual rhythm of living and unique, unrepeatable works, the fruit of the complete artistic freedom that goes beyond the limits of reality. 

Transparent volumes suspended over the landscape, sculpted to give shape to a fluid and dynamic "way of living", transcending traditional boundaries between inside and outside. A permeable architecture, capable of evading visual limits by following the shapes of the horizon. The landscape as a scenic backdrop, an immersive, emotional and vibrant element. 


  • During the course you will explore the dimensions of living on a human scale, respecting the surrounding context for an architecture capable of blending into the landscape, an integral part of the project of the house
  • Interior finishes will be illustrated in detail, from research on the material to its multifaceted variations, with reference to vernacular architecture interpreted in its material component, with a traditional and contemporary approach
  • The negotiation processes and dialogue between architects and clients will be analyzed in depth through the concept and design of a "way of living" the space of the house in continuous dialogue between interior and exterior 
  • The planivolumetric solutions of spaces will be explained, starting from concept up to execution, from design to practice, in search of a plastic and changeable architecture, through the sartorial attention to detail on different scales



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