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Not eligible for AIA CES Credits

Slow architecture as an objective, a design trajectory and a framework for a progressive architecture, which lives over time and draws resources for its definition from the context.

The ArchiTALKS of the Genoa-based firm Frigerio Design Group starts from this concept, an approach that "takes time" to reflect, investigate and know, in order to obtain a project that is aware and aims at the total quality of architecture.

The group founded by architect Enrico Frigerio in Genoa is based on different skills, a team that dialogues with other disciplines and the surrounding context, nature and landscape, culture and technology, in order to highlight diversity and complexity through the architectural project.

A firm that bases its professional practice on listening, both to the place and its different instances, to explore complexity. Moving through a method that looks at the multiple points of view of the project, always using different tools.

The idea is that of an architecture over time, which "starts when the construction phase finishes", a cycle based on the concept of "circular process" and "progressive project".
An architecture that is not crystallized but flexible and adaptable to the different needs and requests, which looks at reuse, the cycles of materials and their origin, the future of the project after its conclusion, its conservation and maintenance.

The projects by Frigerio Design Group thus become a tool to interpret and measure a programmatic approach, which always focuses on 3 elements, the "3 Cs": client, context and construction site.

Buildings careful to the context and natural contributions, to an aware use of materials and technological solutions, both for work and production spaces: from Tessiture di Nosate to the Zamasport HQ, the many works for Crédit Agricole and the factory for Sambonet, the power plants in Capri and Sparanise, up to furnishing modules for smart working.

A complex procedure, the one shown by the ArchiTALKS, which highlights both compositional and technological solutions, challenges and difficulties, the attention to the aspects of the place and environment where the project is located.

A proposal based on "refitting", a naval term that indicates working to recover what exists: by planning, using technology as a tool, allocating resources and aiming at a balance between man and nature.


  • You will learn about and analyze the main topic of the Genoa-based firm founded by Enrico Frigerio: “slow architecture”, a philosophical concept and modus operandi based on the timing of the architectural project
  • You will discover the tools and issues of the professional practice and research of Frigerio Design Group: the circular project, the progressive project and the “3 Cs” (client, context, construction site). All this through the case studies of projects that become the “practical” counterpoint to measure theory
  • You will discover and analyze the firm’s projects by means of a series of “typological sections”: workspaces and production spaces, revealing technical and compositional aspects, the choices and challenges posed by the single works, within a cognitive and interpretive framework
  • The fundamental themes of the Frigerio Design Group firm will be highlighted, from issues related to innovation to those of the landscape, in order to trace a possible broad and strategic work perspective based on the idea of "refitting" that identifies elements essential for the future of professional practice


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