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Trailer Thinking with your hands

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Thinking with your hands, the architectural project that moves and develops through complexity, territories and matter.

The ArchiTALKS by the Giovanni Vaccarini firm in Pescara deals with these issues starting from the intimate and everyday landscape of the Adriatic, to unfold along the issues of the project: the relationship with the imperfection of the city, the dialogue of architecture with the context and with a “sensitive” landscape.

Methods and tools that emerge with the practice of the firm, a laboratory of "digital artisans" who work with matter, surface and texture. Environment and time are the fundamental ingredients that take shape in the works and what is built, regeneration and "agritecture".

The project that starts from a multitude of aspects, not only architectural: soil and ideograms, landscape and spontaneous architecture, synapses and infrastructures, matter and the construction site, listening and seeing.

A process that includes successive, empirical approaches, translations and verifications, listening and visions. Starting from ideograms, moving on to transposition to measure, thinking about the context and distribution, working on the surface and thickness, matter that becomes material, the construction site that takes shape.

Environmental regeneration projects, such as the one of the former Eridania plant or the Société Privée de Gérance (SPG).

In the first case, Powerbarn is a redevelopment and re-naturalization work, converting an industrial plant into a site for the production of electricity from renewable sources, by drawing its margins and designing a new skin that breaks up the artefact, camouflaging it with the razzle dazzle technique and communicating with the signs of the surrounding landscape.

As to SPG, the regeneration process is an urban one, a piece of the city takes new shape through a different texture, an “energetic” and “kinetic” solution. Silk-screened glass blades form the last layer of the office building’s new skin, a texture capable of capturing and shielding, framing the landscape while protecting.

A similar situation in the Ex Arena Braga project, where, once again with glass, the multipurpose building opens to the view with a plastic movement of its facade, scales facing the sea.

Matter to be intended also as soil, a true element of design in many of the creations by Giovanni Vaccarini Archittetti, as in the case of “CRATERRE”, the stadium in Montpellier, or the “Pescara Arena”. Here the land, the soil, are the physical element that structure the project, in form and function, in its intended use and its future one.

Projects for living, such as "Casa L" or "C+V", where research and references, architectural devices and the link with the context and the territory are evident. A connection that takes shape in the conclusion of the ArchiTALKS, through a reflection on the future, a proposal for a renewed relationship between man and the environment, starting from the ability to adapt and the resilience of architecture and the city.

Educational objectives

  • The central themes of Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti’s work will be known and studied in depth: "thinking with your hands", "agritecture", soil and matter, light and water, drawing and regeneration;
  • It will be possible to discover the organization, method, tools and issues of Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti's professional and research practice, a process that moves towards design and execution, starting from ideograms through a series of approaches, transpositions and verifications;
  • Completed projects and those in progress will be discovered and analyzed to highlight issues and methods: matter and material, territory and landscape, soil and terrain, regeneration and recovery, redevelopment and innovation, technique and composition;
  • The future prospects of the profession will be highlighted: the relationship between man and the environment, listening and translation, living as a set of signs, the resilience of architecture and the city, adaptation and flexibility. 


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