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Mediterranean style as a way of approaching the project, a relationship with its elements: materials and shapes, history and landscape.
Mediterranean style as a link with the land and the sea developed by Iraci Architetti, a way of working to be used in different contexts, conveying information and knowledge, a way of proceeding between innovation and emotion, attention to detail and technology.

The ArchiTALKS Iraci Architetti starts from the geographical and cultural space of action, from Sicily and Catania, from the sea and the volcano, from the firm/laboratory and the working method. A process that moves through the different scales of the project, maintaining a series of invariants: attention to the place, the theme of living and the concept of "well-being", the drawing and details, research and material experimentation, the idea of ​​an overall, “integral” vision.

Through the projects and the houses created by the firm, compositions and forms emerge, relationships and elements of the architecture. The house, from Open House to Another House, passing from Villa in Collina to Vista Lago, and spaces for hospitality such as Zash or Meo, commercial and representative ones, as in the case of the Blend design shop or the Russo & Di Mauro showroom.

A journey that highlights possibilities and choices, a multiplicity of overall solutions and details united by a meticulous approach and "Mediterranean" themes: light and place, openness and geometry, feelings and emotions, listening and relationship, uniqueness and at the same time diversity.

A balance built on several elements, an experience that starts from Sicily to face future challenges on different territories and issues: new scales and perspectives, tools and projects - as in the case of Albania - which operate within a framework of awareness, where the goal remains the well-being of the people who live and inhabit architecture.


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