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Trailer Design with Nature

Not eligible for AIA CES Credits

The lesson focuses on the experience of LAND - Landscape Architecture Nature Development, through the words of one of its two founders, landscape architect Andreas Kipar.

Starting from the German architect's biography, we retrace all the steps that led to the creation of LAND: the meeting with the agronomist Giovanni Sala (founding member of the firm), the first work experiences, the field practice and the project references: the Italian Pietro Porcinai and the Brazilian Burle Marx.

The journey and the direct knowledge of the places become crucial elements both in the path of initial formation, a trip to Italy to Goethe, and in today's professional practice. 

A continuous dialogue between built and unbuilt that is the basis of the research carried out by LAND Studio. Within this conceptual framework, the landscape becomes a broad vision that includes several themes: society, soil, water, urban planning, etc.

A multidisciplinary and multi-scale work that proposed by Kipar and Sala, gathering elements both from the existing and from the place to then build a new narrative.

Places that are the projects developed by the Studio and that are told by the voice of the protagonists, from the Parco Nord to the vision of the Green Rays of Milan, passing through the Krefeld Park in Dusseldorf - where the edge assumes the value of a frame for the agricultural landscape - to the idea - in the case of Lura projects – of having basins as shuttlecocks.

The common thread of the lesson, and of the activity of the Studio, can be summarized with "design with nature", working with nature. An ever-present theme in other LAND projects, from the intervention at Porta Nuova to the Adda Mallero Park, up to the Krupp Park in Essen where the landscape becomes a "moderator" and the "verifier" project of the limits of form and time.  

Educational objectives

  • You will deepen the knowledge of one of the most active and important architecture and landscape Studios in Italy and Europe, of their achievements and their design approach
  • You will learn about innovative models of green urban planning, rethinking green as an urban infrastructure, landscape as a strategic vision and reforestation as an intervention in cities
  • You will see examples and realization that will show how the architecture of the landscape is used as a tool for urban regeneration and re-sewing
  • You will analyze the research and analysis methods carried out by the study, the themes and essential elements in the landscape project


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