Trailer Architecture and fragility

Not eligible for AIA CES Credits

Architecture and fragility, where the project becomes an instrument of dialogue and reactivation of the territory, a response to the crisis and the changes of the environment, the society and the economy. Studio LDA.iMdA traces an innovative proposal of "architecture for fragile contexts".

LDA.iMdA, the architectural firm founded by Paolo Posarelli, starts from an idea of a laboratory rooted in the territory of origin. Thus, two fundamental elements emerge: the concept of community in the studio's work and its place of origin, San Miniato and the Tuscan landscape context.
On the one hand, the idea of ​​the working group permeates the different phases of the design work, far from being a "solitary" act, through competitions, the construction site and the relationship with the client.
On the other, the need to listen to the different requests, from those of the customer to those underlying the territory and context.
At the heart of the research of studio LDA.iMdA is the increasingly urgent issue of climate change, a challenge and a need to be answered by means of an architecture that becomes a "regenerating" element and capable of giving answers to a global theme. Reactions to the fragility of the contexts, starting from the projects and from an experimental and domestic way of doing, in the sense of giving value to living in its various forms and in the reactivation of the "field of relationships".
Starting from the context, from listening, architectures that do not blend in with it but interpret it and intervene on the existing, facing and filling the void of relationships, bringing new values ​​such as that of "well-being" and care for the territory.
In this perspective, the lesson shows an architecture that works on the fragility of contexts: physical places, social relationships and production systems.
At the turn of disciplines and over different times, building new connections and strategies to face the crisis, the ArchiTALKS highlights the projects of studio LDA.iMdA: from the "stories of houses" of Casa Turini or of the Casa nell’orto, passing for the experiments of regeneration of the physical environment - as in the geothermal bio-lake of Sasso Pisano - and social, working on the aggregation of a residential community in Casa Verde. Investigations that are based on formal and material experimentalism, as in the VoipVoice and Artwood projects, possible ways of rethinking buildings in industrial areas in crisis.
Strategies that use archetypal forms or that play on the scales of the different compositional elements, "light" architectures that are built on the medium/small scale, relating to the contemporary and the diversity of the context.
Dialogues and listening that find depth in a continuous reference to the emotional value of space, its ability to amaze and unite, working on perception: lights, materials and color.
By uniting people and regenerating territories.

Educational Objectives

  • Deepen the issues related to the relationship between architecture and fragility, understood as the work on contexts of environmental, economic and social crisis
  • Highlight possible responses to climate change, strategies that focus on the architectural project as an element of mending and regeneration, a tool to restore value to fragile, fringed territories, characterized on the one hand by settlement dispersion or economic crisis, or by problems related to hydrogeological instability
  • Get to know the projects of studio LDA.iMdA, studying their compositional elements and their placement in the context, evaluating their technological and construction aspects
  • Highlight the themes proper to the profession, the role of the architect in listening to the different requests, the relationship with the client and teamwork in the different phases of the project


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