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Opening the doors to his world, Piero Lissoni leads us into an intimate and balanced reflection, between architecture and design, houses and objects. Words rewind the tape of his experiences and practice, a way of being and carrying out his profession that unfolds starting from his first works, continuously straining the issue of the project and the process, retracing obsessions and passions, highlighting themes, models and responsibilities.

Piero Lissoni's ArchiTALKS moves continuously within a dual process, in a sort of diptych where accent and position change from time to time: from general issues to details, individual action and dialogue, proportions and mistakes, design projects and architecture projects, time and change.
Starting from definitions and anecdotes to get to the projects, the lesson reconstructs a possible way of conceiving and creating the project, marking the essential elements and tools for his work: human scale and proportion, heritage and tradition, error as a starting point, "economic loops", "lifetime" and responsibility in designing buildings and objects.
The case studies in the lesson highlight, not only a way, but a process based on continuous second thoughts and reflections made by the architect Piero Lissoni. Visionary projects and holistic models conceived in the relationship and interference between man and space.
The projects described in the lesson offer a complex and comprehensive overview of the thought and solutions put into play, focusing on the importance of the workplace and on the proposal of innovative technological models, from the creations for Sanlorenzo to the visions for the New York High Line, the leap in scale in the collaborations with Glas Italia and Living, constantly taking into consideration time, what will happen next.
Evolution and change become key elements in professional practice, in design and architecture.


  • The themes of architect Piero Lissoni’s practice and research will be revealed, from architecture to design, from the process to the project, the team and the client
  • You will discover the tools of the Lissoni & Partners firm’s professional practice: mistakes as a starting point and tradition as a continuous reference, proportion as an ingredient necessary to the project
  • The crucial elements of the designer’s research and modus operandi will be analyzed in depth, from the “humanistic model” and the continuous measure of human beings, to the issue of “responsibility” intended as a series of constraints and objectives to pursue: “lifetime” and the dialogue with economic aspects and those related to the market
  • The projects by architect Lissoni and his firm will be explored, moving among different scales – objects and buildings – and geographies, technological solutions and reflections on space, places for living and work, management and future


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