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Trailer Form & Obsession

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The lesson starts with the biography of Arch. Renato Rizzi, full professor in Architectural and Urban Composition at IUAV University in Venice, addressing the role of form and place in design activity.

Starting from his studies at IUAV in Venice, the architect's educational path unravels through his work experiences and interactions with important architects such as Peter Eisenman and John Hejduk. What emerges is the idea of the architectural profession as a "laboratory" and a tension between the two components of architecture: “archè” and “technè”, two poles that separated because of the dominion of the scientific paradigm, an approach supported by the work and figure of philosopher Emanuele Severino.

An intellectual and positioning work, which is reflected in the method and design practice of Arch. Rizzi, in his ability to "recognize opposition" and seize the opportunities provided by projects and places, "listening and not dominating". Themes reflected in the issue of "representation" and construction, in the need of form and the importance of time. Long and meaningful projects, rich in historical traces such as those for the Elizabethan Theater in Gdánsk and the Cathedral of Solomon in Lampedusa.

The traits and complexity of the design proposed by Arch. Renato Rizzi emerge in these projects, a work where the figure of the architect becomes a "witness" and the goal is to create a sense of "wonder".

Educational objectives

  • You will understand the educational and professional experience of Arch. Renato Rizzi, focusing in particular on cultural and architectural references, moving through his collaboration, teachings and influences, with Peter Eisenman and John Hejduk
  • You will explore theoretical and technical topics such as the contemporary dualism between technical-scientific culture and aesthetic culture, form and the issue of narration in architecture
  • You will learn about Arch. Rizzi’s design and teaching method, the construction and origins of research, as well as the theme of representing architecture through plaster models
  • You will delve into the details and reasons of some of Arch. Rizzi’s projects: from the Elizabethan Theater in Gdánsk, the Futurist Depero House Museum in Rovereto and the Cathedral of Salomon in Lampedusa


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