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Not eligible for AIA CES Credits

Mediterranean living, working in and with the landscape, the sea and the volcano.
One House as the reading and interpretation of a unique place, in balance between geometry and proportions, interior and exterior, matter and light.

A house, a way of living, which creates tension between horizon and horizontality, transparency and continuity, full space and empty space, reflections and shadows.Living space, connections and flows of everyday life, uses and mixtures that look to the future.

The Iraci Architetti firm proposes an experience of living through an integral project that combines details and perspectives, physical and temporal dimensions, architectural elements and unique objects.

The volume of the house and its insertion into the context, horizontal lines and the slope down to the sea, interpenetrations and crossings, overhangs and terraces.
Large openings that embrace domestic spaces and green areas, sky and blue.

Compositional and distribution choices, stairs and passages, intimate and convivial rooms, a system that transforms and organizes itself over time and according to its needs.
Materials and objects that become essential elements of the narration, pieces of a story that takes shape through details and material, essences and nature, Etna and the Mediterranean.

Educational Objectives

  • During the course, the dimensions of living will be explored in its respect and reinterpretation of the context and territory, for a project capable of blending in with the Mediterranean landscape it is set in, an integral part of the design elements;
  • Interior finishes will be illustrated in detail, from research on the material to its manifold interpretations, with reference to the Mediterranean typology intended in its material component, with a traditional and contemporary approach;
  • The negotiation processes and dialogue between architects and clients will be analyzed in depth through the concept and design of a "way of living" the space of a house that is in continuous dialogue and transition between interiors and exteriors: elements, devices, spaces;
  • Planivolumetric solutions of spaces will be explained, from concept to construction, from the drawing to practice, in the search for a Mediterranean and "measured" living, through the material experimentation of detail.

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