Italian design in China for Food & Beverage through the projects of Quarta & Armando - ISPLORA

Trailer Shanghai, between flavor and design

Not eligible for AIA CES Credits

The pleasure of tasting, the dimension of flavors. Environments and spaces designed for food lovers and connoisseurs, gourmets, food and wine experts or connoisseurs of whisky and other nectars. The paradise of Food & Beverage, a subject, we could say, which has turned the actions of eating and drinking into moments of intense pleasure, sensory experiences that require design locations, spaces whose image can reflect the content.

On the one hand, Shanghai

A dynamic and cosmopolitan city, a place with different flows and traditions, capable of combining distant cultures and universes. Shanghai as a backdrop, a stage. Shanghai, from its skyline to its panoramic views, from its settings to its materials, from ceramics to the table.

On the other hand, the italian knowledge and research 

An Isplora selection focused on the Italian experience in F&B design. An approach in balance between tradition and internationality, between Mediterranean knowledge and Chinese scenarios. From art to design, from food to the environments, the city: the projects by the architectural firm Quarta & Armando, founded in Shanghai in 2016 by Gianmaria Quarta and Michele Armando, build a connection between East and West.

Special attention is given to the constructive approach based on the search for detail, with continuous changes of scale, between interiors and exteriors. An experimentation on materials, on installation, on chromatic and perceptive studies. Smooth or rough surfaces, neutral textures or backdrops, lights and transparencies for the creation of the brand identity of the different realities.

An experience that gives shape to a constellation of niche locations, pearls of Food & Beverage design in the scenario of today's large and global Shanghai.


  • During the course you will explore the different dimensions of design in the field of Food & Beverage through specific case studies in the design of niche locations;
  • The applications of interior finishing techniques will be illustrated, from research on the material to its experimentation, up to installation with a traditional and contemporary approach;
  • The negotiation processes and the dialogue between architects, workers and clients will be analyzed, in the definition of an ad hoc branding image for each project;
  • The planivolumetric solutions of spaces will be explained, from concept to execution, from the diagram to practice, in the relationship between the interior of the premises and the city that hosts them.


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