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Create Cures: public health


A group of designers in China designed a series of products to provide solutions for public Health,a project named Create Cures.

Create Cures (CC for short) is a public welfare activity initiated by a group of designers, aiming to promote the development of public health in a designer’s way. This is an action in order to respond to the breakout of COVID-19 since Jan of 2020 in mainland China

CC is also a common measurement unit in medical treatment, which is also the hope that everyone involved can do their part and become the beginning of a better future.

We believe the coronavirus will be ended soon, however, as human, we have to face more possible challenges of public health in the near future. As a designer, we have to re-define what is design, and what we can do as a designer, and what we can donate? It will be a long term non-profit project. It is just a beginning, we hope more designers, the creation industry, media, companies and organizations can join us, to create for the real world.

Sterilizing Lamp by Frank Chou

In our daily life, the existing household disinfection methods such as using ultraviolet lamps, disinfectant, etc., that all need people to take the initiative to operate and use, and need people to form habits gradually. So, how to realize the “unconscious design” of products for daily necessities disinfecting without changing the user’s daily habits and users need not to be “trained” is a practical problem to be solved.

Based on the above considerations, we designed a product that combined the tray with the ultraviolet lamp. When users go home, he or she can subconsciously put the daily articles such as mobile phones, keys, wallets and the like carrying a large amount of external pollutants into the tray, and then press the cover body to activate the internal ultraviolet light source. After 60 seconds, the cover will automatically bounce off, and the stuffs will once again appear within the range of user’s vision, which is convenient for people to find and use. In addition, the ultraviolet light source is disposed on the bottom surface of the tray. Through the reflective coating inside the cover body, the disinfection light can realize 360-degree complete irradiation so as to realize blind spot-free disinfection of daily necessities. Its Elegant appearance and illumination function, can be well integrated into the atmosphere of user's home. Without changing the daily habits of users, the product can conveniently and efficiently complete the disinfection of daily necessities on the premise of protecting human bodies and pets from health hazards.

  • Founder: Frank Chou
  • Participated designers: Above,Benwu Studio, Chen Min, Sun Dayong, Pino Wang, Frank Chou.
  • Graphic design: Pino Wang


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