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Portable UV Sanitizing Notebook Stand. Guess which is dirtier? A toilet seat or your keyboard?

According to research by scientists and researchers from the US and Australia, a keyboard could be 20,598 times dirtier than a toilet seat in worst case scenarios, since people rarely clean it. It is also a blind spot while we fight coronavirus.

Considering the current rate of remote work, Studio Shikai redesigns a notebook stand which integrates a 270-280nm UV light, allowing users to easily sanitize their laptop keyboard, away from diseases.

The UV sanitizing notebook stand is easy to clean as it is made of aluminum and plastic. Whenever you need to clean your laptop, just put the stand on the keyboard, plug in the built-in USB to your computer and press the button on the side. The UV light will sanitize your device with a 5-minute cycle, after which you are good and safe to work again.

Studio Shikai

  • Founded in 2011 by Taiwanese designer Shikai Tseng, Studio Shikai is an award-winning multi-disciplinary design studio, which focuses on telling stories through different material and media. Its works includes objects, lighting, furniture, space, food design, exhibition curating.
  • It dedicates itself to exploring new possibilities for industry and culture development. Shikai was selected as Rising Asian Talent Asian M&O and ELLE DECO INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS. It also won the Salone Satellite Award and Design Report Award in 2013.


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