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A new concept of continuing education for architects through films on architecture projects

Isplora is an ambitious idea which aims at engaging professionals in a direct experience of the building design and construction process, leading them into the recesses and complexities of some of the most important projects, guided by the voice of the protagonists.

An immersive experience, made possible by real films which take the viewer inside the story of the architectural creation, from the development of its design concept to the dialogue with the clients, its building phases, the composition choices and building details. Cinematic-quality films, never ordinary and always real, in the encounter/clash with needs, the unexpected and the ambitions of the project. Thanks to the use of exciting shots, graphic elaborations and continuous dialogues with the actors involved in the process, the film highlights the physical context of the building, the various aspects of its composition, the functional and technological choices made.

Isplora represents a unique offer in the field of continuing education for architects, a narration which finally makes continuing education and attaining professional credits pleasant and stimulating.

An unique way for professional development

The method used is that of narrative learning applied to the architecture project, thus shifting towards the direct and individual experience of the viewer/professional. It represents a new definition of learning, which takes place through a narration, or simply a story, told by the protagonists, set in a defined context and time, a development which leads to the construction of the building.

A continuous and wide-ranging study, through films that are always different and will make professionals discover and learn about the most important buildings both at a national and international level. A continuing education where a credit approved by CNAPPC or AIA is earned for each film.

That suggested by Isplora is a continuous exploration, which further develops through the Magazine and live streamsIn the first case, the magazine represents a tool which supports continuing education, a place to delve into the topics and projects seen in the films, as well as the place to gather information useful for the profession, new trends and the main themes of the architectural panorama. A guide through the complex and jagged scenario of contemporary architecture, choosing a direction in an extended landscape, communicated by many media that take part in the debate every day.

In the second case, architects will not only be able to explore and learn about the most important and interesting buildings through cinematic-quality films, but will also then be able to dialogue directly with the designers thanks to live-streamed events. The Q&A sessions will allow professionals to interact with the architecture firms protagonists of the films, deepening their knowledge and attaining further credits.

Isplora is therefore an immediate interaction with the world of architecture, with no filters

Isplora however has a face, in fact the process of continuing education will be carried out along with a heterogeneous and competent working group made of architects, graphic designers, communication and video experts, in the belief that the narration of architecture through the eyes and words of architects can pass on experience and knowledge.


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