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ArchiTALKS: Isplora's new format


Isplora, faithful to its mission to create high-quality courses for the continuing education of architects, is now offering a new format, ArchiTALKS, actual dialogues with the contemporary protagonists of architecture.

Listening to their story, the most significant moments in their career, the goals they achieved, the theoretical and practical elements they embrace in their idea of architecture: this is ArchiTALKS, Isplora's new format, based on a simple idea: giving voice to architects so that they can talk about themselves and thus teach new practices and new ideas by sharing their experience, within the context of continuing professional development.

As with all our films, viewing each ArchiTALKS will allow members to earn, after successfully completing the final quiz, 1 AIA-approved credit.

Isplora's mission: high quality education for architects

ArchiTALKS - Renato Rizzi - Trailer

Isplora's idea is to create courses for high-quality professional education. That is why our courses are real films written and shot by professionals. The last 3 films produced, each worth 1 AIA-approved credit, are: NOI Techpark, Retrofitting Milanese and Open House, 3 films that focus on different topics.

In “NOI Techpark” we analyzed, with the CL&AA and Chapman Taylor architects, the conversion of an industrial area into a technological park, where along with preserving the preexisting structure the challenge was to build a new, modern building next to the historical ones.

In “Retrofitting Milanese”, along with the Park Associati architects, we described the challenge of reusing buildings to adapt them to new needs, within a context, such as the Milanese one, where “retrofitting” what exists is a practice that will become increasingly important and necessary.

With “Open House”, thanks to the support of Open House Roma and Torino, we visited the houses of 4 architects, who told us about the idea at the base of interior design. Four different approaches to design, carried out with great attention to the quality of living.

Isplora's new challenge: ArchiTALKS

So far our films have focused on works, buildings; now we want to invite architects to talk about themselves starting from their roots and education, analyzing their cultural and architectural references to then review visions, projects and creations. Every ArchiTALKS is a real one-hour lesson, where each professional reveals some secrets about his or her work methodology, the approach to design and daily professional practice. This is narrated in their firm or their house: we met these architects, designers, lecturers and urbanists in their world, revealing it to the public. 

So Isplora went to Venice and its canals, for an intense lesson with Architect Renato Rizzi on the theme of form, or to the silent hills in Chieri to listen to Architect Stefano Pujatti from ELASTICOFarm talk about project materials: weather agents as well as stone and bricks. 

Many interviewees are Milanese – some by birth, some by adoption – and reflect the dynamic and multifaceted reality of this city, including the founders of firms such as Piuarch, LAND or Metrogramma, facing themes connected to the importance of the context and the location, representatives of a “virtuous” architectural and urban design that takes place also thanks to a new design of the landscape.

In its journey ArchiTALKS will visit, among others, Rome, Lucca and Naples with the narration of very different designers in terms of projects and methodologies: stay tuned!

ArchiTALKS - ELASTICOFarm - Trailer


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