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Isplora's 2021: new year, new format


Isplora, the e-learning platform for architects, is launching its new film proposal: ArchiElements

Isplora, an online platform with a constantly growing community of over sixty thousand members, approved by the AIA and CNAPPC it is the reference point for free architects' professional training through high quality film productions.

Two main formats have been explored so far: Films, cinematographic productions that base their narrative imprint on the story of a specific project or context through its history and its characteristics; the ArchiTalks, narratives entirely dedicated to professional studies through the story of their philosophy, modus operandi and projects.

What’s new on 2021? Alexandro De Martino, Managing Director, reveals the new projects that 2021 brings with it.

Our gaze rests on a new world, a world to which we are not yet accustomed and which we are only beginning to fully understand at this moment.

In the past year architects, designers and professionals have found themselves increasingly isolated not only in the design phase, but also in the application and execution phase, in the difficulty of tapping into the pool of products and technical solutions emerging on the market.

This is why new questions have emerged to which Isplora tries to answer: mend, reunite, recreate a link between the needs of designers - their innate thirst to know and explore the future through products, elements and materials -, and the design solutions proposed by leading companies in their sector.

Thus, ArchiElements was born

Materials, products, furnishings, solutions, technologies, finishes, coatings, components: the elements of the architectural space, the prime numbers of architecture, become the new protagonists of the cinematic narrative. On the other hand, Ernesto Rogers said it, "from the spoon to the city". And this is why Isplora cares about Architecture in all its forms, exploring its composition, applications and design solutions at different scales.

A new format inspired by the elements of architecture, by the pieces that make it up in its uniqueness. A narrative journey capable of crossing the different design solutions developed by companies, a method to give light to the products on the market, between innovation, tradition and manufacturing excellence. A virtual showroom, an itinerary through the stairs of the project, a transversal, versatile and quality visual narration.

A new format, a new narrative structure

The idea we are working on is to give visibility and timely answers to specific design problems, in the way that only we can do: tell the individual architectural components, explain deeply their composition, like a digital exhibition itinerary.

Like all of our productions, ArchiElements will also allow to gain training credits certified by the National Council of Architects (CNAPPC) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

One-hour film productions, ArchiElements opens to the story of company expertise, research and experimentation, creating narrative paths capable of crossing and deepening products, application solutions and elements of architecture, underlining how these solutions relate with the finished architectural project.

For this reason, companies are the new real protagonists. Experience, versatility, excellence, production, innovation are the keywords that trace the margins of this new path.

A way to inform, deepen, explain and disseminate quality and savoir-faire, bringing the designer closer to the most valuable and updated solutions on the market.

New productions on the way?

Yes, currently we are already collaborating with different realities. They are eager to tell about their own solutions dedicated to architecture. Our aim? To be able to build a real digital library of architectural elements, useful for professionals in the drafting phase of the project.

When will the first ArchiElements be released?

The release of the new format is scheduled for spring but the first revelations will be shared step by step on our website and on our social channels. Stay tuned!


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