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Best gifts for architects


Our ideas for the perfect gift for every architect

Before the final rush to finish your Christmas shopping, here are some suggestions if you are looking for a gift for an architect.

Building blocks and magazines

Let’s start with the famous  Lego Architecture studio, which this years for example includes the Empire State Building or the San Francisco skyline (

For those who instead prefer paper, a good idea can certainly be an annual subscription to a trade magazine, such as the popular Domus and Casabella, or an issue of a more sophisticated publication, such as the interesting San Rocco Magazine. If you are instead dealing with a fan of Le Corbusier or Frank Lloyd Wright, teadesignshop sells a wide range of prints of iconic architectural and design projects.

Useful gifts for everyone: stationery and notepads

If you want to play it safe, go for sketchbooks and stationery: sketchbooks with white sheets are always appreciated and useful, of all sizes and formats, to personalize with an engraved cover. A high-tech twist to the usual Moleskine notepad, the Smart Writing Set Ellipse allows you to take notes and make drawings that will then automatically move from the page to your device’s screen in real time, making an instant and workable digital copy of every page, thanks to its special Ncoded paper. (

Gifts for eco-friendly architects: sustainable gifts

Stone paper sketchbooks by A Good Company, which also produces beautiful eco-friendly pens made of natural grass and recycled BPA-free plastic, are more classic but more refined.

On the same wavelength we find the new limited edition ballpoint Stylo Bille 849 by Caran D’Ache, designed with Nespresso and made with aluminum from recycled “India” coffee capsules, which it takes its green color from.

Unconventional presents

If instead you want to have others write, we also suggest Scribit, designed and developed by Carlo Ratti Associati, which turns the walls of your house into interactive canvases for drawings, notes and sketches that can be continuously changed

Finally, here is a fun idea, accessible to all: an umarell [old man watching construction works in the street] for your desk, produced by Fablab, which will supervise (and judge mercilessly) the work on your PC screen.


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