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La Hoja, Architecture festival of Logroño


For the festival of architecture and design of Logroño in the region of La Rioja, FAHR was challenged to present an intervention in the public space using the plywood as material.

One of these days, in a visit to a carpentry where we have work in progress, the carpenter talked about the way in which the woodwork was transformed by the technological development and by the appearance of the pre-fabrication. In consequence, nowadays wood is hardly used as raw material, but more as leafs or sheets. 

In the studio we thought that this idea of "leaf" as a manifestation of time could be in the public space of the city of Logroño as space of meeting, convergence, sharing or fun. Thus, in this context material relation, there is also a relation of times between the old and the present, where the actuality is also reflection of the versatility of the public space as space of all for all, space of fruition and social contact.

Hoja is intended to be a piece that people can use spontaneously, without associated rules or codes. A leaf that is a democratic stage of appropriation.


  • Source: Mediakit FAHR 021.3
  • Photographer: Filipa Frois Almeida and Josemas Cutillas


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