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Isplora’s selection of products presented at the Salone


A journey through elements of home furnishing

Let’s continue the report on the Salone del Mobile 2019 started in our previous article (link), moving to the other pavilions. It is difficult to talk about everything, that is why Isplora’s editorial staff has made a selection aimed at highlighting the most important products and new trends of the world of home furnishing.   


Baleri Italia presented four new products at the Salone del Mobile 2019, combining versatility and design in the tradition characterizing this brand.

The new products designed by the Radice Orlandini Design Studio for Baleri Italia add to a catalog which has drawn on contemporary aesthetics, function, versatility and top-quality materials and manufacture since 1984: “Tape”, the armchair which turns into a chaise longue; “Paloma”, the iconic and minimalist chair; “Milady” (short version) and “Madam” (long version), the armchair that opens up like a flower; “Kin”, the lounge chair with a seemingly unstable balance.

“Tape” is the armchair designed by Andrea Orlandini and Folco Radice that is born from the encounter of two soft padded surfaces that bend loosely in space to form the seat and backrest. A third cushion positioned under the seat completes the nesting of volumes and can be used as a side table or a footrest, turning the armchair into a chaise longue.

Born with the goal of lightening the format of tub chairs, “Madam” is created by decomposing the volume of the backrest into three “petals”: a higher central one and two lower lateral ones, which serve as armrests. “Milady” instead represents an even lighter version, with visible legs on its base.

“First” is a unique table, the first product born from the new collaboration between Baleri Italia and Baldessari e Baldessari, the architecture and design firm founded by Giulio, Paolo and Michela Baldessari.

“First” combines design and versatility, in Baleri Italia’s usual tradition, proposing an element with various shapes and sizes, designed to meet different planning requirements of contemporary environments, both living and office spaces, indoors and outdoors. “First” is a table that Baldessari e Baldessari conceived as a continuous line, made of a metal tube with a circular section that “unfolds” and draws the structure of the table, a sort of seamless “Ariadne’s thread” that extends and opens up into the shape of a “V” at the leg.  


Caccaro brought “Freedhome” to the Salone, its new total living that seems to dress a house like a tailored suit and revolutionizes the traditional concept of walls, no longer considered simple structural elements but surfaces to personalize, exploiting the full unexpressed potential of their storage space. Caccaro puts freedom and adaptability at the center of its design of living spaces, leaving behind traditional furnishing schemes, based on the concept of distinct, separate rooms. With Freedhome, designers and architects, starting from 45 different modules, are totally free to personalize every wall with an infinite number of solutions, maximizing storage space and giving shape to the most personal aesthetic needs, where light, thanks to integrated lighting, is the protagonist, changing domestic spaces into pure emotion.

Total freedom in composition, not only in terms of sizes, but also in the finishing, which makes the motto chosen for Caccaro’s new collection even truer: “free to ...”.

The main innovations are the new patented full-opening doors, full-opening corner modules that optimize space, the push-pull opening systems directly inside the door, full-opening passage doors which allow to “furnish” any wall.  


Riva1920 was present at the Salone del Mobile with a collection of furniture capable of highlighting once again the DNA of the company, which stands out for its craftsmanship and its great attention to sustainability.

Furniture acquires lightness through the combination with glass and leather, which enhance the various types of wood. The new ideas range from the sleeping area to the living area and mainly focus on storage units. New finishes and multi-functional, high-tech furniture meet with elements connected to traditional craftsmanship, such as dovetail drawers and the use of solid wood.

The use of vegetable-based oils and waxes and vinyl glues is a guarantee of an environmentally-friendly product, in full respect of nature and human health.

Riva1920 produces true works of art, designed by important designers, architects and the company based in Cantù. Starting from its tables: “Ambo” by Stefano Boeri, “Canal New Fishing” by Patricia Urquiola, “Fire Table” by Marco Piva and “Tola” by Baldessari e Baldessari, up to the sideboards of the “Fire” series designed by Marco Piva to bookcases such as “Tritok”, based on a project by Gabriele and Giuliano Cappelletti.  

Tobias Grau

The Hamburg-based company returns to the Salone after six years to present a new brand identity and a new collection of portable lamps. Tobias Grau showcases at the Euroluce pavilion its new Home Lighting Collection through an experimental exhibition stand channeling mobility and minimalism.

Central to the display is the pendant lamp “FLYING” which can be adjusted in height, thanks to an easy cable system, and in its color temperature,  from 2200K to 6000K. Furthermore, the lamp is integrated with a warmDIM technology system and is Bluetooth compatible, allowing its use for both home and office lighting. 

Other products presented in Milan by Tobias Grau are the two portable lamps, “PARROT” and “SALT&PEPPER”. Two cable-free lamps, with sculptural forms and unlimited mobility. “PARROT” and “SALT&PEPPER” are very easy to use and have a battery which can last up to 100 hours, as well as integrated touch dimming and a warmDIM color adjustment.  

Andreu World

Andreu World brought a “sustainable” research to the Salone, always careful to details. Three products were presented: the modular sofa “Dado” designed by Alfredo Häberli, the “Nuez” chair designed by Patricia Urquiola and the table “Reverse Conference” designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga.

Isplora’s editorial staff had the opportunity to meet the designer manager of Andreu World, Sergio Chismol, who told us about the details and the idea behind the Spanish company’s products.        


The Greek company COCO-MAT led us into the world of dreams, illustrating innovative sleeping products and furniture made from 100% natural materials. A combination of products which “stratify” the normal bed to create a new dimension made of mattress supports, mattresses and mattress covers.

Nikos Siorios of COCO-MAT explained in detail the company’s goals and what hides inside a completely natural bed.        


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