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Infinit, wellnes in Magical Garden


The new Infinit wellness in Senohraby evokes a feeling of a magical garden, an unexplored place hidden in the woods, a place cut off from the ordinary world

A stone’s throw from the meandering stream of the Sázava River, surrounded by forest, is a garden with a new wellness. With its cosy nooks and retreats, the garden evokes various magical ambiences.

The garden is entered through the dark basement corridors of a neighbouring hotel. These corridors provide space for the utility rooms of the wellness, and as the guests walk through them, they also prepare for the experience that awaits on the other end.

Coming to the garden opens up an utterly different space with a dreamlike atmosphere, a place to unwind and relax. There is a small natural lake in the garden surrounded by different types of saunas, cooling zones, and an orangery with a relaxation room. In the orangery, ferns hang from the light wells, and climbing plants decorate the façade. The surrounding area also features small architectural objects and relaxation zones with deck chairs.

Individual saunas are covered with a timber batten, implying the theme of the interior spaces. The playfulness and diversity of the interios intensify the experince with different scents, temperature and music. The most significant decoration appears in the ceremonial sauna which is used for collective experience and rituals. For cooling off, there is an area with shining stones covered by irregularly-shaped slabs featuring a room for sauna-masters too.

The landscape of the garden is crisscrossed with little paths and hideouts. Lightings in tall grass and mountain pine trees mark important spots, while metal runes help with the orientation by gently pulsing and inviting guests to peek into the saunas. Wood slats of various width enhance the level of intimacy and privacy where it is needed.

The sauna world in Senohraby is designed as a dreamlike labyrinth within a garden, a journey towards relaxation.


  • Press Kit: Studio Reaktor  
  • Photography: BoysPlayNice


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