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The evolution of the concept conceived by Studio B+Architects for Kiton

The evolution of the concept conceived by Studio B+Architects for Kiton continues with the new flagship store at Citic Plaza in Shanghai, which is about 280 square meters, on two levels, right by the main entrance to the facility.

The first thing that strikes one about the new store is the exterior façade, a visually striking element that also serves as the main entrance and overlooks a pedestrian area. 

Curved in shape, more than 15 meters high, it is clad in metal mesh, consisting of anodized aluminum with a woven pattern. The two shades of bronze color are combined with special backlighting designed and manufactured in Italy that gives the façade a vibrant and light effect that is constantly changing in accordance with natural light. 

The result achieved is that of a lightness of the structure that develops upward, the façade appears to be covered in light, with grazing reflections that transform the elevation.
The engineering of the facade required careful study and research of materials. The meshes and special lighting are completely made in Italy, tested with large prototypes in order to control the final result.

Metal meshes are also a prevalent element for the facades accessed directly from the inner side of the mall, used in some places with a see-through effect. Entrances and storefronts are highlighted by blue fabric panels that recall the large curtains on the exterior facade.
Inspirational moods are linear design that combines clean shapes and neutral colors with soft finishes. The Shanghai boutique recalls the creative world of Kiton through a wide range of materials, which interact with the furniture elements.

Both floors feature lounge areas furnished with custom seating made exclusively for Kiton. The K of the Kiton logo on the cushions highlights the utmost attention to detail that B+Architects' architects have always devoted to design.
Some elements in canaletto walnut with a special matt finish and metals with special nickel tones complete the palette of materials used.

Many of the fabrics used in the concept are those that the brand usually places inside jackets, which are too precious not to be enhanced in a custom furniture element. Tai Ping rugs in anthracite-colored wool are also custom made for the store.
The furnishings were entirely designed by B+Architects, which, as always, also follows the engineering in close collaboration with expert craftsmen; the upper floor is a VIP room equipped with a large panoramic window overlooking the city.

The brand's strong focus on sustainability and environmental awareness also shines through in the choice of flooring formed from a composite of reclaimed inert materials.
Studio B+Architects has established a productive collaboration with Kiton since 2017, resulting in numerous high-end openings: in Milan, on Via Sant'Andrea in the fashion district, and London boutiques at Harrod's and Clifford Street, Dubai Mall, Rome, Las Vegas, and Americana Manhasset (New York). The firm is continuing to develop numerous other projects for the brand, which will open new stores, Miami, Zurich, Seoul, Shenzhen, and other major locations soon.


  • Press Kit: Studio B+Architects
  • Photography: Tao Zhang


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