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Mocoli house tries to be a sculpture that captivates by its purist line, reflection and silence; an encounter with yourself and create captivating tours which are the main axles in the search of generating a new connection between the natural and a space to live in achieving in its interior various nuances of centinal light, where nature is the main character and remains marked by pure architecture that in the most intimate spaces achieves a spiritual connection, escaping from the day to day tension.

The introduction is based in the study of the project orientation, and it feels like a fundamental duty of the architects, achieve intimate space and comfort, protected from the direct income of the sun throughout the use of double blinded fade

Also, the concept starts by the understanding of two fundamental conditions of the project; the first one being of the owners that understood that their home had to be a space with privacy, lucidity and harmony; and the second the urbanistic context being this one of the many urbanizations in the city, limited by tall enclosure and predominant architectonic line.  

When you are in front of this project, various natural elements invite the user to ask themself how is its interior, this construction conduces you to what seems a dark principal admission in form of a cave, discovering a double height which is generated by blind concrete wall, that captures you creating a natural artistic frame

Once inside the house, the space transforms and the light receives you while you advance throughout a reduced area in the beginning but it begins to amplify while you travel throughout the hall until you reach the social area, that immediately directs your sight to the stairs like a well-placed sculpture in a space of doubled height that poses in a floating position and invites to continue the journey to the first floor where the client has his very own gallery. 

The gallery is a hall bathed by natural light that connects with the bedrooms of the smaller ones, which are located in consecutive form with the purpose that each one counts with an equal space and privileges and that is taken as a white canvas that allows to appropriate of the environments according to the personal taste of each individual. 

In the interior of the bedrooms the natural light presents itself filtering by the lattice teak generating changing shadows, which if wanted can open to the exterior or close and counting with the adequate protection while maintaining the comfort thanks to its ventilation. 

The main bedroom completes the journey of the top floor, which highlights for creating an interior patio that generates links towards the natural, once again marked by pure architecture, this way conceiving a place of silence and personal meditation that conduces you to a state of relaxation and serenity that leaves aside the stress of a heavy day while the double facade absorbs you and achieves its protective function of blocking direct solar light and exterior distractions. 

This architectural work is not exposed to neighboring houses, it analyzes internally and integrates materials such as: wood, concrete and the color white to exhibit its purity and overall that it can transcend throughout time without losing its essence. 


  • Source: Media kit Orense Arquitectos
  • Photographers: JAG Studio 


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