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In the countryside of Ostuni a refuge immersed in Valle D'Itria, smart and connected, to work and relax.

The house reinterprets with a contemporary taste the traditional shapes and materials of rural Puglia and is integrated in the landscape, while home automation technology allows complete control through app on Smart Device and optimizes energy consumption for total independence.

The BS house derived from the ten-year experience of REISARCHITETTURA in the renovation of traditional stone structures in the Apulian countryside, but it develops in a different way thanks to the combination with contemporary technology and comfort.

A German couple contacted the studio in 2015 because they wanted a new and modern house to live all year round. This new challenge immediately thrilled the architects because designing something completely new was an opportunity to apply the wisdom of the local building tradition to a contemporary project. First a free land was found with the clients, the plot has a splendid view of the valley and sculptural olive trees. The location where the house has been built was chosen in order to save all the olive trees and enjoy the best view. The natural choice has been to create a C-shaped volume with a central patio to protect from the hot sun of Puglia.

The project has been modeled in dialogue with the context: the olive trees are used as sculptures that decorate the space between the pool and the house, the external elevations are almost completely blind and inside the patio there are large, glazed openings. The finishing materials are those of tradition: local stone and lime plaster, but with contemporary taste and details. An important element of the project is technology at the service of sustainability and the use of renewable energy sources.

The roof is equipped with a photovoltaic system for the production of electricity that powers the heat pump for the air conditioning of the house, a solar panels system provides hot water and a rainwater recovery system is provided.

The house is equipped with a KNX home automation system that allows remote control of everything via web-server: from security and alarm systems, to solar shading, to air conditioning, lighting and energy consumption monitoring. The house in its final configuration has an annual energy consumption from the grid of less than 30 kWh / m2 and with the abundant photovoltaic system integrated into the roof this consumption can be reduced to zero.


  • Photography: Alessandra Bello


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