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Straw Ranch in ITA, Paraguay


A single-family house that is located in the city of Ita, Central Department, that borders the capital of Asunción, what is called the AMA (Metropolitan Area of Asunción) the second ring.

In an area of 10ha, the house is located 400m from the main road in a higher area but surrounded by trees that mainly shade private areas.

Nature as an intermediary, a client who dreams of his grandmother's ranch, a reinterpretation made by its designers as the main protagonist of a thatched roof that is divided into five wings

The house grows horizontally to take advantage of the environment and keep the house in one single tier for cost and terrain.

The materiality is low-cost. Is used: exposed concrete, brick with colored earth mortar in the walls, and white brick in the floors, standard openings, low-cost led lighting, artisanal rusted ironwork, masonry and concrete furniture.

The cross ventilation is achieved in the main social space integrated by considerable openings with a protagonist interior patio.


  • Source: Mediakit Biocons Arquitectos
  • Photographer: Diego Saravia


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