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The best architecture firms 2020


As every year, the Guamari rankings have released their 2020 results regarding the Italian architecture firms with the highest annual turnover, the "Report on the Italian construction, architecture and engineering industry".

Which are the architecture and design firms with the highest growth and turnover?

The Annual Report 2020 compiled by Aldo Norsa of Guamari s.r.l., based in Milan, provides updated rankings of companies and firms operating in the construction, engineering and architecture industry. The data analyzed concern the turnover and its change compared to the analysis of the previous year: in this sense, the 2020 report is calculated on the data of 2019. Also included in the reference table is the percentage of turnover that refers to the foreign market. In addition to the ranking of architecture and design companies, construction companies, engineering companies and the ranking European builders are part of the Report.

Top Five

Analyzing the ranking "Top 200 architecture and design companies", it emerges that the top of the ranking has not changed substantially compared to 2019.

In first place continues and there is Lombardini22, with a turnover of 18 million up about +14.6% compared to the previous year, confirming itself as a leader especially in Italy. The silver medal goes to Progetto CMR, an integrated design group, which climbs two positions compared to the previous year, marking a 15.3% increase in turnover. 

Finally, on the podium, Renzo Piano Building Workshop is stable in third position, which, despite a -5.1% compared to the previous year, is unrivalled. In particular, for Renzo Piano, the figure referring to the percentage of work abroad stands out: not even a small portion of the turnover is Italian. A big difference compared to Lombardini22 , which on the contrary has only +3.9% referred to a foreign market. 

The wooden medal goes to One Work, ousted by Progetto CMR from the second position with a loss of -20.7% compared to the previous ranking. Stable in fifth place is interior design with Citterio - Viel & Partners Interiors, with a variation compared to the previous ranking of +34.5%. 

Who comes next? The ranking up to 50th place

In sixth place we find Mario Cucinella Architects, losing one position even though its turnover increased by +13.4%.

Among the others, in tenth place the designers of Cantine Antinori, whose curiosities you can find out in our film: Archea Associati, with a gain of five positions, marking +42.6%. 

Cremonesi Workshop slips by 10 positions, leaving the Top 10, placing itself in 15th position with a loss of -29.1% compared to the previous ranking, but ahead of Fuksas Architecture which, instead, has gained 20 positions, moving to 16th.

In twenty-first and forty-sixth place we find Lissoni Casal Ribeiro and Lissoni Associati, the two companies of architect Piero Lissoni. His approach to design and his design vision are explored in depth in the ArchiTalks "Humanistic Thinking."

Stefano Boeri gains three steps to 27th place, while at 29th we find Park Associati, losing 10 positions. At the 33rd place we find Binini Partners, which takes one position away from Carlo Ratti, stable at the 35th place. At number forty the Milanese firm Piuarch, which climbs +4 positions, while at forty-third place Schiattarella e Associati slips down thirteen positions compared to the previous year. Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia enters the Top 50, gaining forty-eighth place. 

In the following positions we find LAND Italia, GBPA Architects, Cino Zucchi, Alvisi - Kirimoto + Partners in Rome, Metrogramma Milano and the Genoese studio Frigerio Design Group

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Abstract from “Top 200 architecture and design companies”

1. Lombardini22 (1) =

2. Progetto CMR (4) ⇧

3. Renzo Piano Building Workshop (3) =

4. One Works (2) ⇩

5. Citterio – Viel & Partners Interiors (8) ⇧

6. Starching (9) ⇧

7. Mario Cucinella Architects (6) ⇩

8. Citterio – Viel & Partner (13) ⇧

9. ATIproject (16) ⇧

10. Archea Associati (15) ⇧

11. Hydea (10)  ⇩

12. Gpa (7)  ⇩

13. General Planning (14) ⇧

14. Spi – Società Progettazioni Integrali (11) ⇩

15. Cremonesi Workshop (5) ⇩

16. Fuksas Architecture (36) ⇧

17. Made to Measure (23) ⇧

18. Design Group Italia ID (18) =

19. Asti Architetti (12)  ⇩

20. Il Prisma Architettura (32) ⇧

21. Lissoni Casal Ribeiro (28) ⇧

22. Patricia Urquiola (17)  ⇩

23. Matteo Thun & Partners (21) ⇩

24. Tekne(26) ⇧

25. Giugiaro Architettura (39) ⇧

26. Mate (-)

27. Stefano Boeri Architetti (30) ⇧

28. Domus Ing & Arch (37) ⇧

29. Park Associati (19)  ⇩

30. Architetto Michele De Lucchi (27) ⇩

31. David Chipperfield Architect (22)  ⇩

32. Open Project (24)  ⇩

33. Binini Partners (34) ⇧

34. Genius Loci Architettura (31)  ⇩

35. Carlo Ratti Associati (35) =

36. Hangar Design Group (29) ⇩

37. Planet Idea (54) ⇧

38. J+S (48) ⇧

39. Wip Architetti (57) ⇧

40. Piuarch (44) ⇧

41. Archilinea (40)  ⇩

42. Archest (33)  ⇩

43. Schiattarella e Associati (20) ⇩

44. Studio Marco Piva (25) ⇩

45. R&P Engineering (42)  ⇩

46. Lissoni Associati (53) ⇧

47. Aegis Cantarelli & Partners (51) ⇧

48. Atelier Alfonso Femia AF517 (55) ⇧

49. Polistudio Aes (38) ⇩

50. Asa Albanese (45)  ⇩




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