marco piva interview Architects

19th April 2019

Marco Piva: hotels as strategic places

Our interview with architect Marco Piva, ambassador at the Italian Design Day in Miami: his vision...

piero lissoni architect Architects

4th April 2019

Piero Lissoni: don't call me architect

The project view as a responsibility and a daily dialogue. Our interview to Piero Lissoni

mygg founders Architects

29th March

MYGG: hand drawing as the origin of the world

The interview with one of its founders, Architect Gerardo Sannella, between completed projects and...

arata isozaki pritzker prize 2019 Architects

18th March

The 2019 Pritzker Prize goes to Arata Isozaki

The Japanese architect wins the prize for his international architecture, his transnational...

Park_associati_interview Architects

7th March 2019

Park Associati: listening, intuition, experimentation

Park Associati interview. How an important architectural firm is born and organized: narration of...

Isplora_Piuarch Architects

18th February 2019

Piuarch: the architecture of relations

The value of the project in its dialog with preexisting elements, the surrounding environment, the...

Isplora_MVRDV Architects

24th January 2019

Everything is urbanism

The latest projects by MVRDV and Winy Maas chosen to direct Domus.

Isplora_q&a_shangai Architects

17th December 2019

Italians abroad: the Q&A firm in Shanghai

References, contrasts and material take shape and explore urban China.

Isplora_architecture Architects

14th January 2019

The ranking of the top architecture and design firms

The “Report 2017 on the Italian Construction, Architecture and Engineering Industry”...

TramVE_map_MG_9680-2©[ab] Architects

3rd January 2019

MAP Studio named “Italian Architect of 2018”

On the occasion of the “Architects’ Festival”, the National Council of Architects...

Isplora_AIA_Riba_prizes Architects

31st December 2018

Architecture speaks English

Richard Rogers wins the AIA Gold Medal and Norman Foster the RIBA Stirling Prize.

Isplora_elements_architecture Architects

6th December 2018

Koolhaas' Elements of Architecture

Rem Koolhaas updates and rethinks his personal catalog of the fundamentals of our buildings.

Isplora_Bob_Venturi Architects

19th November 2018

Remembering Bob Venturi

One of the most important protagonists of architecture dies at the age of 93.  

Isplora_renzo_piano_londra Architects

19th November 2018

Renzo Piano: 50 years of projects

50 years of projects by the Genoese architect on exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts in London

Isplora_Tamassociati_premio_architetto_italiano_2014 Architects

1st December 2014

Tamassociati Italian architect of the year 2014

The firm presented with Italy’s most important award.  


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