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MONOGRAPH: the new film format for firms


Exploring contemporary design through architectural firms: Isplora turns to architects and visionaries to narrate architectural practice and translate it into dedicated films.

Films, the new simple and innovative digital monographs.

The beauty of narrating oneself in a digital format emerges in the suspended time of waiting, in a fast and ephemeral world, going beyond publications and exploring the dimensions of “creating architecture” over time, through an entirely dedicated film.

A cinematic narration to communicate architecture, as an interpretation of urban and rural schedules, a digital rewriting of heritage. Documentaries as tools to reinterpret the sites and issues of the territory. Visual narration as an understanding of the project in its Latin meaning, pro-iacĕre (throw forward), projection of socio-economic transformations and interaction between space and time.

We give voice to your architecture firm

This is how Isplora was born, from the desire to cross the imaginaries of architecture and narrate creative and innovative minds between practice and method, ambitions and achievements. A digital platform with the aim of exploring contemporary international architecture in all its forms, delving into the depth of design practice through different film formats, with a constantly growing offer of over 50 multimedia monographs, films and documentaries related to projects and design.

Thus, as a training institution recognized by the National Council of Architects (CNAPPC) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Isplora produces free films for the continuing education of architects and, with an audience of over 60,000 members, it turns its gaze towards the large community of professionals and designers to talk about their works, projects and philosophy.

Films, the ideal format to talk about architecture firms.

The genius loci, inspiration and design material for Lorenzo Guzzini. The underground space, solids and voids in the land of Cantine Antinori. Sign and drawing, the visionary universe of the master Franco Purini. The momentum towards the future, Carlo Ratti between technology and avant-garde. The horizons of living, shapes and sizes of Duilio Damilano's domestic sphere. The complexity of the Mediterranean landscape, scenarios by Alfonso Femia and Antonio Iraci. Piero Lissoni's humanistic project, between architecture and design.

Explore, v. t., to try to discover, to know what is unknown or hidden. […] - Treccani

MONOGRAPH, the new format whose protagonists are architects and visionaries, is a digital journey through a monograph. A dialectical and dynamic film capable of transversally interpreting the tensions of the project, describing firms and their works, a constant synthesis between technique and imagination, finding the signs of building and creating continuous relationships between the different scales, from urban to architecture, from interiors to products.

A new way of talking about oneself beyond printed publications, showing one's modus operandi and reaching a new audience, looking towards the future.

Arch. Antonio Iraci, One House, from the film “Mediterranean living” 

Explore, v. t., […] that is, to subject the image to be communicated to a particular process of decomposition into many elements. - Treccani

ArchiELEMENTS, the newly-launched format, is a virtual library that breaks down the elements of architecture, the objects of everyday life. Materials, products, furnishings, solutions, technologies, finishes, coatings, components: the prime numbers of architectural space become the new protagonists of the cinematic narrative, “from the spoon to the city”, to explore techniques and applications at different scales, a virtual showroom between products and processes.

A new cinematic itinerary through the expertise, innovation and production excellence of the companies that tell their story.

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